James Duval And Chalet Lizette Brannan are reportedly to star in ‘THE INN’

James Duval and Chalet Lizette Brannan have been officially cast in the upcoming thriller horror movie “The Inn” alongside Rufus Baker Jr. (”The Assumption) and Maverick Gagliono (”Visions of Love”).


Sloan Z. Losch (”Delirium”) is set to helm tbs who also set up a crowdfunding project via Kickstarter to create a new film titled “The Inn.” The script is being penned by Kevin Beganovic along with Sloan.


The official synopsis for “The Inn” describes, quote, “A sadistic killer clown known as The Sandman is on the loose and a cynical man lands at an old motel at the edge of a dead town. The only one working is the motel bartender. The man and the bartender strike up a discussion and the bartender must tell the man a gruesome tale to make it through the night.”


Beganovic and Losch will both serve as producers and Russell Beannan serving as executive producers for the film. Meanwhile, Molly Celaschi, Brannan Durham, Avery Guerra, Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson, Curtis Medina, Constantine Dino Orfan, Joseph Redensek, Justin Michal Robak, Shane Ryan-Reid, Sully Walker, and Daniel S. Willard will serve as associate producers.


The full cast list for the upcoming horror includes James Duval (as Jack Raimi), Robert LaSardo (as Detective Cain), Eve Mauro (as Dani), Ari Lehman (as Jason Death), Robert Miano (as Sal Roth), C.J. Graham (as The Drifter), Aimee Rolfsen (as Miss Rich), Chalet Lizette Brannan (as Kassie), Shawn Alexander Thompson (as Deputy Bates), Heather Harlow (as Marge), Kevin Roundy (as Josh), Connor Holden (as Brian), Eric Daniel (as Sheriff Daniel), Tom Thorne (as Mark), Kendall Krueger (as Rachelle), Maverick Gagliano (as Josh), and Rufus Baker Jr. (as Joe the Bartender).


James Duval is an American actor who is perhaps best recognized for his roles in the Gregg Araki Teenage Apocalypse movie trilogy “Totally F***ed Up,” “The Doom Generation,” and “Nowhere.” The actor’s other credits include his role as Miguel in “Independence Day” (1996), as Singh in “Go” (1999), “Frank in Donnie Darko” (2001), and “Blank in May” (2002) among others.


James has also appeared in many independent movies, such as the psychological thriller “The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond” which was released in 2009 and the crime-thriller flick “Noirland” helmed by Ramzi Abed.


Chalet Lizette Brannan is an American actress who has starred in several horror movies including “Occupants,” “Alice in Zombieland,” and “Asarum,” in which she gained huge popularity because of her performance. The actress also appeared in “Misadventure” which was launched in 2021 and since Chalet is still very young, she’ll have many opportunities and a bright future ahead of her.

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