Jailbirds Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

Netflix has been a solid home for many spearheading documentary movies and series. When it comes to documented series or films you can’t help but be intrigued about it and Jailbirds is one such docu-series that has been on the talks ever since it aired in 2019. 

Based on real-life, this series portrays the day-to-day life of prisoners in the US. When the series first aired back in 2019, it received many positive reviews from the audience and critics alike. Furthermore, the viewers highly applauded the subjective nature of the storyline.

It also seemed like more people are curious to learn if the show would return with a second season since the first season was released two years ago. To know more about the possible upcoming season, stay till the end.

Has Jailbirds been renewed for season 2?

By the time of this writing, there has been no update regarding the renewal of the second season of Jailbirds. 

Presently, the show makers and Netflix have yet to officially declare any plans to proceed with the series. Nevertheless, even if the streaming giant is eager to resume the series, we probably might get to see it at different jails as the show doesn’t focus on one specific location. 

By moving to different cells located in different places, American viewers and across the globe alike can get a glimpse of what the American jails and system appears to be like.

Henceforth, seeing a new season of this incredible docu-series might take a while till it finally drops. If renewed for another season run, there could also be filming restrictions that might slow down production since proper authorization has to be taken and protocols have to be followed to take footage in the prisons. So have more patience and wait for a little longer.

Jailbirds season 2 release date: When will it premiere?

The show is currently yet to be renewed. Moreover, Netflix normally decides based on viewership and ratings. 

Considering the success of the show, it won’t be a surprise if Netflix gives the green signal for a second season. But so far nothing is confirmed for now.

Coming back to the air date, if the show is renewed, it’s most likely that the show won’t arrive until early 2023. Production takes time especially when it’s a documented series so our prediction is that the second second of Jailbirds will be out by 2023. 

The cast of Jailbirds season 2: Who’ll be in it?

It’s not known who the cast members will be since nothing is revealed yet nor the filming location but it solely lies on the path the series is heading. The second season may perhaps film in different parts of the US. 

As for the cast, the show makers have strictly kept it under wraps, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. The show stars inmates Harley Himber (imprisoned for doping and trespassing), Magen Hall (imprisoned for obstruction, theft, and murder), and Timanisha Taylor (arrested for numerous felonies such as assault and invasion of private property). Other prisoners include Jamie Evans, Heather Tredick, Julie Raffray who are imprisoned for robbery, doping, murder, and violation etc. The show also features disciplinary action officers and they are Lieutenant Picard, Sergeant Stamps, Captain Steele, and Deputy Hunter.

So if Jailbirds return with a second season, we’d likely get to see all the names that are already mentioned except for Harley Himber and Timanisha Taylor as both of them were set free from the jail at the end of the first season. Apart from this, we can also expect to see new inmates among the cast, as the American jail system has unending pools of inmates that the show might be eagerly looking forward to covering.


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