Island Season 1: Release date, Cast and Plot

Island is a Korean fantasy thriller series that is based on a 2016 webcomic written by Yoon-In-Wan. It narrates the fabled tales of Jeju island and its ghost stories. After Seo Ye Ji refused to take up the primary character role, Lee Da Hee was signed for the role. The series is gaining popularity among K-drama fans due to its A-list cast and storyline. It includes Kim Nam Gil, Cha Eun Woo, Sung Joon in key roles. What’s more? We think we have a release date for this most anticipated K-drama series of all time. Yes, you read that right. Here’s everything you need to know about this Korean show, Island Season 1. 

When is Island Season one getting released?

According to the latest reports, it is speculated that the series will go into production probably by mid-October 2021. If the filming schedule is not delayed due to other reasons, we could expect that the action drama series will be out by early 2022, at the least. 

However, the official date of airing of Island part one is still awaited. Hopefully, the creators will release a statement after things fall in place.

In recent news, it was reported that the Korean drama ‘Island’ is set to premiere on June 17, 2022, further details are awaited. (This post was updated on April 2022)

What is the Plot of Island Season one?

 Island Season is a series adoption of a manhwa by Yoon Inwan and Yang Kyung. It will follow the story of Won Miho, a third-generation chaebol, who lacks sensibility and sympathy. She is sent to Jeju island for committing a serious mistake by her businessman father who owns an enterprise, Daehan Group. At Jeju island, life is not as simple as it seems. Ghostly monsters and evil spirits await in silence to chase and kill human beings. Won is their new target as she becomes a part of a case related to free spirits. However a strange monster hunter, Van comes to her rescue. 

Besides, there is no scarcity of content material for this K-drama series as Yoon InWan has written a total of seven books. So, the viewers can expect drama, thriller, and fantasy in equal proportions. With that said, the series is already a smash hit in the audience. 

Who is in the Cast of Island Season one? 

Island season one’s cast is just another thing to look forward to. Lee Da Hee will be seen in the lead role as Won Mi Ha, who lands up in great trouble on arrival to Jeju Island. Lee Da Hee’s outstanding performances in ‘Search: WWW’, ‘Luca: The Beginning’ and ‘Beauty Inside’ has made her fans’ favorite already. Kim Nam Gil will appear in the avatar of a monster hunter, Ban. Ban feels a sense of guilt in his mind for his actions, yet he never let his emotions get better of him. Besides them, Cha Eun Woo will take on the role of John, The Priest with a dark past. He is a Cathedral Exorcist, who is battling against evil forces with all his might. This might be a bit challenging role for Cha Eun, who is widely known for his calm and composed roles. 

Sung Joon will play the role of Goong Tan, who assists Ban in killing the humans possessed with bad spirits in Jeju Island. It would be exciting to see what these unique characters bring to the screen.

Additionally, there are no specifics about the supporting cast members or any guest appearances. Even so, the lead cast is enough to get us all bananas.

The series will be directed by Bae Jong, the director known for his brilliant works such as The Fabricated City and Welcome to  Dongmakgol. 

Island Season 1 Trailer


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