Island of Bryan Season 5: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Created by Bryan Baeumler, ‘Island of Bryan’ is a Canadian reality TV series that showcases home life, renovation, business pursuits, etc. The first season was released on April 7, 2019, on HGTV Canada. This reality program is very much comparable to ‘House of Bryan’ and ‘Bryan Inc.’. Although these are two different shows, it also stars Bryan Baeumler, his wife, and their kids; along with Bryan’s assistant Adam. 


Back in 2019, in an interview with Kari Skelton, showrunner Bryan Baeumler was asked about his experience taking on this project. He explained, “I think all of our perspectives have changed a lot. When you live on an island in a small community, you really start to learn what things we ‘want’ and what things we really ‘need’. The people here are the happiest and warmest people we’ve ever met, and they survive, and thrive with very little. It really has surprised us how little you need to be happy and fulfilled.”


The popular series have so far released four successful seasons and fans can’t help but wonder whether the Baeumlers will be back to work for another season. Let’s find out below, shall we?


Island of Bryan Season 5 Release Date: When is it?


Currently, the exact release date is not announced yet but it is scheduled to be out somewhere in early 2023.


The first season premiered on April 7, 2019. The second season was launched on February 23, 2020. The third season was released on April 28, 2021. The fourth season aired on March 27, 2022. So, an early 2023 release for the fifth season sounds about right. It is also reported that the upcoming season will consist of eight episodes.


The Cast of Island of Bryan Season 5


The two main casts of Island of Bryan are Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler and their children. Besides the Baeumler family, the show also has a different cast consisting of hotel staff and contractors.


The main cast expected to return in season 5 are:


  • Bryan Baeumler will once again return as a builder and Canadian owner

  • Sarah Baeumler will be back as a designer and also a Canadian owner

  • Quentyn “Q” Baeumler, the eldest son will also be back 

  • Charlotte “Shar” Baeumler who is the elder daughter of Bryan and Sarah will return

  • Lincoln “Link” Baeumler the younger son will also be back 

  • Josephine “JoJo” Baeumler the younger daughter will return 

  • Adam Weir will also be back in season 5 


Other cast includes:


  • Trish- she is an interior creator; legacy Canadian from House of Bryan

  • Nyguen a construction foreman

  • Hatch, a plumber

  • Poitier is an electrician

  • Derek is an electrician

  • Quincy, a contractor

  • Jimbo is a construction worker

  • Antonio- tiling

  • Wendell an HVAC technician

  • Wellington for wallpapering

  • Lawrence as the painter

  • Yellow, a CM staff

  • Simon, a mason

  • Mark is a resort general manager 

  • Cate is a resort general manager

  • Sebastian is the resort’s executive chef


Island of Bryan Season 5 Plot


The specific plot details are not known but it’s most likely that the concept will remain the same as in the previous season. Bryan along with his wife and his team will be taking on new clients for more renovation and stuff.

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