Is ‘Renovation Island’ coming back for another season?

Adventure reality show ‘Renovation Island’, also known as ‘Island of Bryan’ in Canada, showcases the story of a beautiful couple Byran and Sarah who are entirely immersed in the preparations for their new resort that is all set to open to people in two months.

Official reports have suggested that the show has not yet been renewed for another season but as per the IMDb page, ‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 has already premiered on HGTV in October, 2022. However, neither Byran or Sarah’s more HGTV’s social media accounts cannot back the info on the IMDb page.

Hence, we can say for sure that ‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 has not yet been officially renewed by the showmakers. Continue reading this article to know more about ‘Renovation Island’ Season 5!

‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 Renewal Status

As per the official showmakers, Bryan Baeumler and Frank Halbert, ‘Renovation Island’ is not yet renewed for another blockbuster season. However, the show received a load of positive reviews and ratings from the audience as well as the critics and hence, fans are hopeful to see a season 5 of the same show come out soon!

‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 Release Date

Since HGTV and the show makers have not yet officially renewed the reality show for another season we do not have an official release date either. But if we look at the previous seasons’ release dates:
• 7th April, 2019 (Season 1)
• 23rd February, 2020 (Season 2)
• 18th April, 2021 (Season 3)
• 27th March, 2022 (Season 4)

We should have gotten ‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 in 2023. But, now that we’ve reached the ending of 2023, we can only expect ‘Renovation Island’ to premiere sometime early in 2024. Fingers crossed!

‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 Trailer

Since there is no confirmed update either on the renewal status or the release or premiere date of ‘Renovation Island’ Season 5, the official trailer for the same has also not yet been released. We expect an official confirmation to be announced anytime soon by the makers or the broadcasting network of the show.

‘Renovation Island’ Season 5 Returning Cast Members

As this is a reality show, ‘Renovation Island’ does not show professional actors playing different characters but instead it only shows the real-life characters and people who were actively involved in the renovation of the resort. The series is centered on Bryan Baeumler who was a handyman and as businessman. While continuing those professions, he also managed to turn them into full-blown commercial TV shows. Following are the other cast members who might return on the show:

• Bryan Baeumler
• Sarah Baeumler
• Quentyn “Q” Baeumler (Elder son)
• Charlotte “Shar” Baeumler (Elder daughter)
• Lincoln “Link” Baeumler (Younger Son)
• Josephine “JoJo” Baeumler (Younger daughter)

What is ‘Renovation Island’ about?

‘Renovation Island’, also known as ‘Island of Bryan’, is an adventure reality TV series. The show teleports it’s audience to a faraway tropical island where the story then revolves around the couple of Bryan and Sarah who have taken up a challenge of a lifetime. Completely disrupting their family roots from Canada, Bryan and Sarah take up a risky challenge of restoring or renovating an entire island resort located in the Bahamas on the remote island of South Andros.

The show basically documents the entire adventurous journey of the native Canadian couple who are on a mission to restore this beautiful tropical island resort named ‘Caerula Mar’. Throughout their restoration journey, nature and destiny throws several challenges at them but they manage to tackle them all.

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