Is Adorableness Season 2 Coming Back?

Adorableness is an American comedy talk show, which premiered on the 19th of July 2021. The entire concept of the show and the cast got a lot of praise from the critics. And why not? The name alone is enough to draw attention! Not just the critics, the audience also loved the dapper style and the concept of the show. 

Adorableness is hosted by James Devis and some of his friends, namely Alyson Hannigan, Ross Mathews and Dulcé Sloan. These amazing people convey their distinctive and joyful take on the new viral videos of cute pets and kids. Much like Amazingness, Deliciousness, Ridiculousness, and Messyness, Adorableness is also the chronology of these shows, which are produced by Superjacket Productions (2014–2021), Thrill One Media (2021-present), Gorilla Flicks (2014–present), Dickhouse Productions (2011–2014), and MTV Entertainment Studios (2021–present).  

Adorableness Season 2: Is It Coming Back?

Adorableness Season 1, a comedy clip show, wreaked havoc in the television world and every one was found giggling at the clips of cute pets and babies. Given that season 1 was released very recently, there’s no news of the release of Adorableness season 2, as of now. Even the makers and cast members have made no evident remarks or announcements of the further release of the next season. 

Not to mention, the love and support the Adorableness franchise got after the premiere of the first season is beyond reckoning! The hype created wasn’t an ordeal – and although fans are literally dying for the next release, we’re saddened to inform you that there’s no news as to when the next season shall air on the television. However, don’t fret; the franchise won’t keep us hanging – they’re sure to come back and come back with a bang!

Adorableness: A Cursory Analysis

Adorableness series is a spinoff of MTV’s smash hit “Ridiculousness” and its other successful comedy clip shows, such as “deliciousness”, and “messyness”. 

In the very first episode, James and his members of cuteness crusaders enjoy videos of pet serenades, cute cursers, ducks gone quakers, barfing babies, lonely children, and oh so much more! There wasn’t a single moment that didn’t leave the spectators awe-struck by the inevitable cuteness of the clips and tremendously funny reactions of the hosts.

“It was incredibly cathartic to sit there and laugh”, Alyson Hannigan on MTV’s Adorableness (via CBS Chicago).

In the third episode, the casting crew shared their reactions to travellers falling asleep on strangers – and called it Strange Pillows. “Turns out we all have a weak spot for sugar gliders”, asserted James, laughing at the innocent little animal. 

In the next two episodes, the casting crew reacts to video compilations of cute animals with “attitude problems”, dads with parenting 101 hacks, tough guys with a soft side, animals encountering rejection, and ugh much more! They also gush over couples whose love knows no boundaries. 

The remaining episodes feature the host, James Davis and his friends weighing in on videos of dad and daughter love, kids getting knocked out, grandmas with impeccable tricks, multitasking moms, mini-miracles, frightening displays of questionable parenting choices, long-overdue reunions, unpredictable animals, and much more! 

Although we have no news of the release of Adorableness season 2, we’re sure it’s going to bereave the spectators of all suitable words to assert, when they watch the cutest ever compilations of pets, kids, old people, and all the fun crazy stuff that internet has in store! All-inclusive, it’s an amazing show for people to (literally) go GAGA over!


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