Inventing Anna: Release date, Cast and Plot

A 2018 New York magazine article about a con artist, Anna Delvey, created a buzz across the country. The story exposed the cons of the faux German wealthy heiress, who not just conquered the hearts but also the wealth of the social elite class of New York. She lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of others. Written by Jessica Pressler, the article grabbed the attention of Scandal’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, who decided to adapt the non-fictional events in a Netflix original series, Inventing Anna. The talks about this limited drama series have been around for some time, and the fans are excited to see the highly anticipated Rhimes-produced series. To the delight of the fans, the showrunners have finally announced an official airing date. If you have missed it out, here is all the information that you need to know about Inventing Anna which features the true story of Anna Delvey. 

Inventing Anna: When is the Release date?

Inventing Anna is all set to premiere on the streaming giant, Netflix on 11th February 2022. With that information in mind, it is safe to say that the filming of the series has wrapped up and gone into post-production. Early reports hinted that the Netflix series’ shooting has taken place in the real setting of the events i.e. New York. 

It will consist of a total of ten episodes, that will be dropped concurrently on the streamer. 

Previously, the series had a 2021 launch date, which could not see the light of the day off the strength of the Coronavirus pandemic impacting global production. However, fortunately, we no longer have a long release window to look at now. 

Inventing Anna: What to expect from its plot?

Inventing Anna is based on Jessica Pressler’s coverage,’ How Anna Delsey Tricked New York’s Party People. Surprisingly, the drama series focuses on the whole journey of Delsey through the eyes of Vivian, the journalist who unveils the truth behind the identity of Anna Delsey. She interviews a host of people who has had been rubbing shoulders with the con woman and tries to put all the equations together to give us the most awaited answer, “ Who is Anna Delvey?” and how she became an overnight sensation in the state.” The role of Vivian is inspired by Jessica Pressler, the journalist who has got a story to tell to the world. In addition to the said, the plot also follows the love-hate relationship that is being shared between the journalist and the con lady, up until the latter is on trial. 

Rhimes said in an interview that she refrained from getting swayed away from the charm of Anne Delsey, who is infamous for her antiques by not meeting her in real life. She desired neither to favor the con artist nor develop any harsh feelings towards her. Despite that, Rhimes had to wait for the final verdict in her case to give closure to Inventing Anna’s story.

Inventing Delsey is one of the many upcoming projects of the popular producer/creator, Rhimes for Netflix. Seeing Rhimes serving as a creator on the series is also a treat to the fans. 

Inventing Anna: Who is in the Cast of the series? 

 Inventing Anna features a lineup of a stellar cast including Julia Garner, who will take up the role of Anna Delsey. Garner’s impressive performance in Ozark has fetched her an Emmy award. But the lead female actor of the series has captivated the audience through her other works like Modern Love and Dirty John. Joining her will be Veep’s Anna Chlumsky, who will play Vivian, the investigating journalist of Delvey’s case. 

In addition to the above, Lavera Cox of Orange Is the New Black will be Kacy Duke, a trainer, and life coach. Interestingly, Katie Lowes will collaborate with Rhimbes for the second time after the latter’s 2012 Scandal. Katie is going to appear as Rachel Williams, who is just one of the many victims of the con artist. We will also witness Arian Moayed as Todd, an advocate from Anna’s side, Jennifer Esposito as Talla Mallay, Anders Holm as Jack, Anna Deavere Smith as Maud, Terry Kinney as Bary, and lastly, Grey’s Anatomy’s fame, Jeff Perry as Lou. 

David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada is helming the drama series for two episodes while Shonda Rhimes alongside Betsy Beers and David Frankel is executive producing the series. Jessica Pressler is in the production. Shondaland is the production company of Inventing Anna. 

Is the  Trailer of Inventing Anna out?

Netflix dropped the teaser trailer of Inventing Anna on 22nd November 2021 that gave us a sneak into the drama that is about to unfold. It also introduces the viewers to Anna Delsey, Vivian, and other female leads. You can watch the 30-second teaser on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. 

Watch it here

Inventing Anna will be available to stream on Netflix in February 2022. Till then, stay tuned to get all the latest updates about your favorite television series, sitcoms, and animes. Also, tell us what you think about Inventing Anna? 


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