Ink Master Season 15: Release date, Cast, and Plot

The reality competition TV series is narrated by Matt Knight and Rick Robles. Each season of “Ink Master” has brought to the audience some talented ink artists taking part in various challenges where they display their ink talents. The jury comprises popularly known ink artists and enthusiasts and in every episode, a new challenge is introduced but if failed to meet the expectations, one or more participants will make their exit in every episode. The first season of Ink Master was released on January 17, 2012, on Paramount Network. 


The victor gets a whopping cash prize of $100,000 along with the ultimate title of Ink Master and is featured in Inked Magazine. The reality program is produced by Original Media and has also launched three or more identical content. Ink Master has also filmed special sequences with the theme of distinct occasions and holidays such as Halloween.


Ink Master is a very interesting show, especially for those who love inks. So if you’re here to find out more about season 15 of Ink Master, read on to find out.


Ink Master Season 15 Release Date


As of September 2022, there is no release date for season 15 of Ink Master because the show has yet to be renewed by Paramount+.


However, looking at how the show was revived despite its cancellation gives us hope that the popular reality show will return with season fifteen at some point. The most recent season which is the fourteenth season came out on September 7, 2022. So fans probably have to wait for a while for further announcements.


The Cast of Ink Master Season 15


Since Ink Master is a reality show, the cast members of this show are not permanent but a new set of participants take part in the show for every new season. Well except for the judges, the rest are pretty much new faces. However, fans will probably have to say goodbye to some of the previous judges as you won’t be seeing them anymore. This is expected because the show itself was revived by Paramount plus in February 2021 after its cancellation by Paramount Network in September 2020.


The recently announced new judges for the revival series are Ryan Ashley Malarkey (Season 8 winner) and renowned tattoo artists Nikko Hurtado and Ami James with Joel Madden, a member of Good Charlotte as the host of the show. Meanwhile, Dave Navarro will return as “Master Of Chaos”, bringing in more unexpected twists making the game more exciting to each episode.


Ink Master Season 15 Plot


The specific plot details for Ink Master season 15 are not known but we assume that the reality program’s concept for each new season will remain the same or will be just a slight difference compared to the past seasons. The winner just like the previous season will receive a cash amount and other benefits. And of course, Navarro as always will be in charge of creating chaos by bringing in some unexpected twists to make things difficult for the participants and the show more enjoyable to watch.

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