Inhuman Resources Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

‘Inhuman Resources’ or ‘Derapages’ in the French language is a French mini-series adapted from a widely known novel titled ‘Cadres Noirs’ by Pierre Lemaitre. The six-episode series was launched on Arte and later, a dubbed version in English was released for the international audience on Netflix. The series displays the harsh reality of the business world and the mafia.


Following the success of the first season, fans of this show are now anxious to know whether the series will be back with another season. It’s been over two years since we last witnessed the first season and it’s no wonder why fans are getting restless. If you’re here to know more about season 2 of Inhuman Resources then do stay with us till the end.


Inhuman Resources Season 2 Release Date: When is it?


The first season of Inhuman Resources initially premiered on the French channel Arte, and the English version was later launched on Netflix on May 15, 2020.


Although many fans are awaiting the arrival of the second season, there’s been no concrete information concerning season 2 of Inhuman Resources. The series is not renewed or canceled either as of now. When the first season premiered, it became a huge hit among the audience, and if ratings and viewership are taken into account, fans will most probably get to see a new season.


So, with the expectations that the series will return, it is safe to assume that the new episodes will be out somewhere between mid to late 2023.


The Cast & Characters of Inhuman Resources Season 2


The cast & characters expected to reprise their roles in season 2 are included in the following list:


  • Eric Cantona plays the role of Alain Delambre

  • Suzanne Clement will play Nicole Delambre

  • Alex Lutz plays Alexandre Dorfmann

  • Alice de Lencquesaing depicts Lucie Delambre

  • Gustave Kervern will return as Charles Bresson

  • Louise Coldefy will be back as Mathilde Delambre

  • Adama Niane will portray David Fontana

  • Aton will act as Antoine

  • Soraya Garlenq in the role of Yasmine

  • Carlos Chahine plays Paul Cousin

  • Eurydice El-Etr depicts Clementine Haddad

  • Cyril Couton plays Jean-Marie Queneau

  • Nicolas Martinez plays Gregory Ziegler

  • Xavier Robic will portray Bertrand Lacoste

  • Clemence Bretecher will be seen as Stephanie Gilson

  • Aleksandra Yermak will play Florence Ancelin

  • Yann Collette illustrates Alain Kaminsky

  • Segolene Prunier plays Constance Rivet

  • Vincent Desagnat plays Major Morisse

  • Selim Karrouchi plays Bebeta

  • Sacha Bourdo in the role of Boulon

  • Christophe Perez plays Codetenu 1

  • Xavier Gallais depicts Avocat General

  • Abde Maziane depicts Armando

  • Mado Ndiaye plays Codetenu 2

  • David Olivier Fischer in the character of Greffier Proces

  • Alexandrina Turcan in the role of Olenka Zbikowski

  • Laurent Spielvogel plays the role of President Proces

  • Nicolas Van Beveren will return as Commandant Raid


Inhuman Resources Season 2 Plot


In season one, we witnessed the hardships surrounding Alain Delambre and the humiliation he had to go through for six crucial years as he was unemployed at that time. Although he finally landed a job in the corporate world, life isn’t as easy as he thought. Instead, he found out all the dark secrets that entail corporate life.


If season two happens, the story will once again focus on Delambre and his struggles to settle back to the ordinary life he once was living. We might also get to see an even bigger problem for Delmabre in season 2. So how will he try to cope this time? Let’s wait and find out.

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