Human Resources Season 2: Release date and what can we expect?

If you are an ardent fan of Big Mouth, you may be familiar with its spin-off series, Human Resources that  launched on Netflix on March 18, 2022. This series brings a slew of familiar characters from Big Mouth along with some brand new characters. Its first installment enjoyed a warm reception from critics and audiences alike, which gives us reasons to believe that the adult animated sitcom will return for Season Two. Unfortunately, the sitcom is yet to get a go-ahead from the streaming giant. With all that in mind, here’s everything we know about a potential Human Resouces Season two including its cast news, plotlines, date of airing, and more. Keep reading till the end to get all the updates relating to the series:

Will there be a Season 2 of Human Resources?

As of now, nothing is announced or revealed if there will be another season of Human Resources. To put it simply, Netflix has yet to renew the animated sitcom for a second run. Also looking back at the release date for the first season which came out over eight months ago, the show makers should have at least provided some sort of an update to fans who are anxiously awaiting the new season. However, nothing has been said and done so far which makes us question if the series will even be back for another outing. Well, given the massive positive response from critics and the audience, it is most likely that the second season of Human Resources will be produced sooner or later. Until then, wait for further announcements. 

Human Resources Season 2 Release date: When will it premiere?

Netflix has not issued an official airing date for Human Resources season two. Nonetheless, considering Big Mouth’s prior release timeline, fans can expect a 2023 premiere date. Big Mouth brings us a new season every year. Gladly, viewers also have its sixth edition to look forward to, which will potentially air in late 2022. Additionally, the original series has two more seasons on its release schedule. Thus, there is more bawdy content in future episodes.

Fans may check out all ten episodes of Human Resources season one on Netflix while patiently waiting for another chapter of the subseries. 

Season one episode list:


  • Episode 1: Birth

  • Episode 2: Training Day

  • Episode 3: Bad Mummies

  • Episode 4: Rutgers is for Lovers

  • Episode 5: Love in the Time of Postpartum 

  • Episode 6: The Addiction Angel

  • Episode 7: International Creature Convention 

  • Episode 8: The Light

  • Episode 9: It’s Almost Over

  • Episode 10: S…storm 

Human Resources Season 2 Plot details: What to expect?

Season one of Human Resources set the stage for a possible season one. With the Hormone Monster, Maury up the duff, and our old favorite, Connie is not excited about the news. While season two might witness the aftermath of the pair’s breakup, we cannot neglect the breakup sex that is likely to come up in the second edition. Furthermore, the newest addition to the cast, Emmy, a Lovebug has finally started loving her job, and season one’s climax saw her juggling with several clients concurrently. Emmy is assigned to Becca, who is a soon-to-be-mom, and the former has no choice but to guide her client through the trials and tribulations of this new life phase. Emmy’s story is something that viewers would love to see more of it in the next episodes. 

However, there are no concrete plot details available for Human Resouces season two, so everything is up in the air at this moment.

Human Resources Season 2 Cast: Who will return to the series?

If season two gets s renewal, expect to see the cast for season one return to the series. With Aidy Bryant reprising her role as Emmy, Nicky Kroll as Maurice “Maury” Beverley and Rick, Maya Rudolph as Constance “Connie” LaClienega, David Thewlis as the Shame Wizard, Keke palmer as Rochelle, Randall Park as Pete, Ali Wong as Becca, Henry Winkler as Keith, Jean smart as the Depression Kitty, John Gemberling as Tyler, and Maria Bamford as Tito the Anxiety Mosquito. In addition to these, season two may introduce some guest roles to the audience similar to its predecessor. 

Kelly Galuska and Nick Kroll have co-created the series. And they have even expressed their wish to explore a new storyline in season two as it seems they have plenty of ideas about the next season. 

Kelly Galuska also serves as the series executive producer along with Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. While Max Silvestri, Mitra Jouhari, Nate Funaro, and Abe Forman-Greenwald act as the show producers.

Trailer for Human Resources Season 2: When will it drop?

As of now, we have no trailer teaser for Human Resources season two. And sadly, it is still some way off as the future of the series is still bleak. 

 We shall keep you posted as soon as more information becomes available. So, bookmark this web page and keep checking with us for more news about Human Resources season two. 

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