Hot Rod Garage Season 11: Renewal Status? Updates to know

Hot Rod Garage returned with its tenth season on September 12, 2022, and though fans were excited about the show’s return, they were saddened to learn that Tony Angelo, who has been serving as the host for the past six years and appeared in nearly 100 episodes, has departed from the show. His presence will be deeply missed but the show must continue.


Fans who have been sincerely watching Hot Rod Garage since its debut must have noticed that the show’s setup has changed over the years. At first, the show was more like a variety show that even included a live band. It did not hold any consistent voice and its popularity was very much doubtful as Roadkill. Co-host Mike Finnegan thinks, “Hot Rod Garage came on the heels of Roadkill and at the time, I didn’t know that either show would become hits. We couldn’t even watch the content on our phones; Back then, I was still texting on a Blackberry.”


“The Hot Rod Garage show was different from other MotorTrend shows in that it didn’t find its voice for nearly two seasons,” added David Freiburger, “It was a strange variety-show thing at first, then more of a straight how-to show.” The show was shot in between Freiburger and Fiennegan everyday editorial job on MotorTrend magazines and shooting Roadkill, as Finnegan put in, “The content was legit whatever we could slam together in a few hours between other obligations.”


The show didn’t do well at first but gradually, it became successful in its own way. HRG is now in its 10th season and despite having just aired, fans are now curious if the show will be back for season 11. Here’s what we know about it.


Is Hot Rod Garage Renewed For Season 11?


Currently, the show is neither canceled nor renewed. It appears that season 10 is still ongoing and fans will have to wait for sometime for the show makers to make an announcement concerning the eleventh season. 


Hot Rod Garage Season 11 Release Date


Unfortunately, a release date is not determined as of now since the show is currently awaiting its renewal confirmation. 


On the off chance, season 11 gets renewed, fans are anticipated to see the new episodes sometime in 2023. Although nothing is certain as there’s been no concrete information or update.


The Hosts of Hot Rod Garage Season 11


With Angelo bidding farewell to the show, a new host Alex Tayor was introduced in season 10. Taylor is a multi-skilled builder and a fast driver of crazy-ass automobiles like Badmaro and a Chevy 210. Taylor has been involved in racing since she was just 16.


“Working on HOT ROD Garage is so full-circle for me, because HOT ROD has shaped my entire automotive life,” Taylor said. 


“Literally from age 10, it’s been HOT ROD. I try to explain to people that HOT ROD is what made me who I am to an extent. If Drag Week wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be the same. “


If the show’s season 11 is renewed, Taylor will once again serve as a co-host with Lucky Costa.

Hot Rod Garage is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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