Hot Mess House Season 3: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Renovation content is always a good method to appeal to viewers and especially those who are addicted to the joy of watching people like our organizing specialist Cassandra Aarssen.


The essential factor of the show does not involve any real human interaction, rather concentrating on enlightening those eyeing at home to work on their messy lifestyles by witnessing contestants do precisely that on television. In maintaining HGTV’s broad method thus far, the reality show ‘Hot Mess House’ is headed up by an amiable lady Cassandra Aarssen who has a sharp eye for design.


Now fans who love watching this show can’t help but be anxious about the release of the third season or if the show will even be back for another season. Let’s find out below.


Will There be a Season 3 of Hot Mess House?


As far as the third season is concerned, nothing is known for now. The show has not been renewed or canceled by HGTV as of yet. Although it’s been a little over a year since the second season came out and no concrete information could somewhat indicate that perhaps there won’t be a third season? Or is season 3 already in production? But since nothing is confirmed by the show makers, let’s wait patiently, and hopefully, we get an announcement soon.  


Hot Mess House Season 3 Release Date: When is it Releasing?


As of August 2022, HGTV has yet to renew the show for a third season run. The first season was released on June 24, 2020, and ended on July 8, 2020. It comprised a total of four episodes. The second season premiered on June 17, 2021, and was completed on July 22, 2021, comprising a total of six episodes.


Season 1 list of episodes:


  • S1 Episode 1: Basement and Playroom Hot Mess

  • S1 Episode 2: Small Space, Big Mess

  • S1 Episode 3. Hot Mess to Less Stress

  • S1 Episode 4: Hide the Clutter


Season 2 list of episodes 


  • S2 Episode 1: Basement Mess and Bedroom Stress    

  • S2 Episode 2: Top to Bottom    

  • S2 Episode 3: Mudroom Mayhem    

  • S2 Episode 4: Cluttered to Crafty    

  • S2 Episode 5: What Lies Beneath (the Kitchen)    

  • S2 Episode 6: Hidden Hacks


If season two happens, it will likely arrive by the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023.


The Cast of Hot Mess House Season 3 


Cassandra Aarssen or Cas is a YouTube celebrity, blogger, and currently, TV presenter, who leads HGTV’s show Hot Mess House and is seen as an organizational specialist that strives to enable her stressed clients to transform their living areas. Cas carefully identifies and brings out the best organizing type to fit them and completely transform the living areas of her clients. 


Wendell F. is the co-host of Hot Mess House and if he seems familiar or you feel like you have seen him somewhere, it’s because he was the winner of another reality show ‘Survivor’ season 36. He came back on season 40 of Survivor where he finished in 13th place.


The Plot of Hot Mess House Season 3: What to Expect? 


As the IMDb official description reads, “Organizing expert Cassandra Aarssen helps overwhelmed clients with their messy spaces. After identifying their distinct organizing style, she uses video calls and online conferencing to guide them through the process of bringing flow back to their homes.”


Nothing much will be changed in season 3 as well but except that there’ll be more actual human interaction and as usual, dealing with stressed-out clients.

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