Hot and Heavy Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Updates?

Love comes in all shapes and sizes or sizes really matter when it comes to love? “Hot and Heavy” is an unscripted reality show that centers on real couples as they try to better understand their mixed-weight relationships. Not only that but, the show also displays the many kinds in which the couples encounter and fights back the stigma and judgments brought upon them by the society. It first premiered on TLC in January 2020.


To put it blatantly, relationships can be such a headache. It needs precise compatibility, complete understanding, loyalty, and love being the most important thing. ‘‘Hot & Heavy’’ illustrates relationships that are nowhere perfect but are making an effort to be.


‘‘Hot & Heavy’’ follows three couples consisting of regular-size men and extremely overweight women, as they aim to strengthen their proper-administration relationships amid severe inspection from their family, judgmental pals, and society.


Despite the show being developed with positive intentions, it received major backlash from the audience and critics. So can we still expect a second season of “Hot & Heavy”? Let’s find out below.


Hot & Heavy Season 2: Is It Renewed?


As far as season three of ‘‘Hot & Heavy’’ is concerned, the future seems somewhat bleak. Also, this is not the first time that TLC has received criticism. The network has its share of backlash for creating mixed reality shows such as ‘‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life,’’ ‘‘My 600lb Life,’’ ‘‘Little People Big World,’’ ‘‘90 Day Fiance,’’ among others. Similarly ‘‘Hot & Heavy’’ has also been receiving major backlash for only featuring plus-size women and not one overweight man, publicizing sexist beauty standards.  In defence of the backlash, series cast member Adrianna Harris informed New York Post, “You see it in the media all the time — larger men who are with typically attractive women . . . You see it on sitcoms and in cartoons like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy.’ Where do you see couples that are like us with a larger woman? It’s really underrepresented.”


Following the fuss encircling the show, it won’t be a surprise if the show doesn’t return with the third season but at the same time, if “Hot & Heavy” does indeed return with another season, it’d truly be a miracle. For now, let’s wait for further announcements. 


Hot & Heavy Season 3 Release Date


Unfortunately, there is no release date for season 3 of “Hot & Heavy.” The chances of the show returning with a new season remains bleak but we can not be too sure for now until we hear any official announcements.


If miraculously the show gets renewed, fans are expected to see the new episodes sometime in 2023.


How Many Episodes Are There In Season 1 of Hot & Heavy?


The first season of “Hot & Heavy” which was released on January 7, 2020, consists of just three episodes that ran for about 40 to 50 minutes each. Season one ended on January 21, 2020.


  • Episode 1: Mixed Weight Love

  • Episode 2: Ghosts of the Past

  • Episode 3: Heavily Ever After?


Format of The Show


Season one featured three couples namely, Joy and Chris; Kristin Keadle and Rusty Keadle; and Adrianna Harris and Ricardo Thompson. 


The show is mainly about how the couples overcome judgments and setbacks and tries to keep the relationships strong and keep it going. It is assumed that season 2 will likely follow the same concept and introduce the viewers to a new batch of contestants but this time with some overweight men in it. 

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