Hell Fest 2: Release date and Everything you need to know

Are you guys excited to know more about the serial killer who has been stalking some random teens? Let’s make it easier for you. In this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the sequel of Hell Fest. 

Created by Gregory Plotkin, Hell Fest is an American slasher and thriller film that debuted on September 28, 2018. It follows a group of high school kids who are stalked by a serial killer on their way to the Halloween carnival.  

It stars Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Bex, Tony Todd, and Taylor-Klaus as the lead star cast. The film is produced by Gale Anne Hurd and Tucker Tooley alongside CBS Films, Tucker Tooley Entertainment, and Valhalla Motion Pictures. 

Will there be Hell Fest 2?

The first edition of Hell Fest premiered on September 28, 2018, in the USA. More than half of the film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and at Six Flags White Water. The production began in February 2018 and ended on April 13, 2018. As far as the renewal of the second chapter is concerned, no news has been officially announced by the makers yet. 

Hell Fest 2 Cast

As of now, CBS and other production officials have not released any confirmation on the cast list for the upcoming edition. The last chapter premiered in 2018, it’s been more than 4 years since the makers have given a hint on the renewal. Officially speaking, we don’t have any list for the cast of the upcoming season. For now, have a look at the previous film cast members who might play the role in the upcoming chapter as well.

  • Amy Forsyth will play the role of Natalie
  • Reign Edwards will play the role of Brooke
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus will play the role of Taylor Ann Smythe
  • Christian James will play the role of Quinn
  • Matt Mercurio will play the role of will play the role ofher
  • Roby Attal will play the role of Gavin
  • Tony Todd will play the role of The Barker
  • Michael Tourek will play the role of Security Guard
  • Courtney Dietz will play the role of Britney
  • Elle Graham will play the role of The Other’s Daughter
  • Stephen Conroy will play the role of The Other
  • Daniel Wilson will play the role of creepy Park Owner

Hell Fest 2 Release Date

Since the renewal of the series is unknown. No news on the release date of the second chapter is officially released by the makers. Once there’ll be an update on the renewal, we’ll keep you guys updated. 

Is Hell Fest Worth Watching?

Hell Fist is definitely a must-watch movie for all the fans who have an interest in the thriller genre. Due to its excellent story and cast selection, it was immensely loved and appreciated by fans and critics. Created on a budget of just $5.5 million the film managed a gross of $18.2 million at the box office. 

Hell Fest 2 Trailer

No official confirmation on the renewal of the trailer for the second chapter of Hell Fest is official yet. All we can do for now is wait for the makers to announce any update. 

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