Hayley Mills is reportedly to join ‘The Wheel of Time Season 2’

It’s been reported that Disney veteran Hayley Mills, 76, is rumored to have joined the cast of Prime Videos’s The Wheel of Time for the upcoming second season.


Details of Millis joining the cast are strictly kept under wraps but it appears that the ageless actress earlier revised her curriculum vitae to include an unrevealed role in the second season of “The Wheel of Time.”  As per fan site WotSeries, the actress is widely known for appearing in six classic movies produced by Walt Disney such as “Pollyanna” (1960), “The Parent Trap” (1961), “In Search of Castaways” (1962), “Summer Magic” (1963), “The Moon-Spinners” (1964), and “That Darn Cat!” (1965). However, as of now Mills joining the cast in the series season two have been neither confirmed by her nor Amazon Studios, so this information should be taken as a possibility as it is yet to be confirmed. 


Concrete details for the actress’s participation only remain to be speculation. Nonetheless, series showrunner Rafe Judkins previously hinted about a key addition to the upcoming season two. Answering a fan on Twitter, the showrunner verified that Marcus Rutherford who plays Hopper, the grizzly wolf and a mentor to Perrin Aybara will mark his debut in season two of “The Wheel of Time.” This piece of information came as a delight and surprise to many fans as the character was absent in the first season despite his appearance in the first chapters of the book of the same name by Robert Jordan.


Production for the upcoming season has gained a lot of attention, with various reports implying that principal photography was completed back in March 2022. Apparently, production for the second unit concluded by shooting extra footage in Morocco around the exact time. Although plot details for the next season are kept under wraps. But Judkins did recently reveal “The Wheel of Time” Season 2’s episode count, officially confirming that it will consist of eight episodes just like its previous season. The showrunner also added that season 2 episodes will be much longer than season 1, the longest episode which had a run time of approximately 60 minutes. This indicates that each episode of “The Wheel of Time” season two will have a time of 60 minutes or more, which will by no means call for a celebration among the fans.


Currently, the release date is not confirmed but we expect the new episodes to arrive in late 2022.

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