Hannibal Season 4:Renewal status, Release date, and all updates

Since Hannibal found a new home on Netflix in June 2020, talks about its revival have begun again. The horror-thriller series incorporates elements of Thomas Harris’s novels, Red Dragon, Hannibal, and Hannibal Rising, and comes from the creator, Bryan Fuller. Fuller has expressed his interest in a potential season four on many occasions following the series’ cancelation in 2015. Fuller made it clear to the audiences that the series run has come to a close on NBC, but if it has a chance of revival provided another US broadcaster or a streaming service picks it up. However, it’s already been seven years since fans are desperately waiting for a season four, yet there is no concrete word on when or where would it arrive. Having said that, Fuller has not been highly optimistic about a possible season four and the core cast members who are ready to work on the fourth season. With all that said, here’s everything we know about Hannibal Season 4.

Will Netflix be a savior of the fan-favorite Hannibal series?

Although the acquisition deal with Netflix has gained a new audience for the series, it is not yet known whether the streamer will satiate the fans’ demands for a fourth installment. In the past, there were rumors that Netflix is likely to revive the series, yet no official statement confirms the same as of now. Earlier, Amazon Prime held the rights to the show, but Prime has not shown any keen interest in the series. But we are holding out hopes that the streaming service will not disappoint the fans, giving the series the much-awaited go-ahead. 

If it does, fans would be delighted to see the new developments in Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter’s intense relationship.

Hannibal Season 4’s potential storyline

Season three integrates elements from Red Dragons and Hannibal books, that ended with Graham and Lecter confronting the serial murderer, Francis Dolarhyde, jumping off the cliff while embracing each other. While Graham slays the antagonist, Lecter is satisfied beyond measure to see Graham as her partner-in-crime. Season three’s ending is dubbed as a deeply satisfying closure, however, we are thirsty for more. 

Currently, there are no exact plot specifics for season four, nevertheless Fuller has dropped hints previously as to what could a new season look like. Initially, Fuller had plans to bring Claire Sterling from Silence of Lamps into the Hannibal universe, but due to rights issues over the original book material, the creator could not go ahead with it. And NBC has also confirmed that they are all set to bring Claire as an adaption for TV in a brand new show. So, that plotline is not a possibility at this point. 

Fuller also said in one of his interviews that a season four will reexamine and reinterpret the relationship of FBI profiler, Will Graham and a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He added that it will be a whole new series with the same characters. 

Seems that Fuller knows where he wants to take the story, considering he has creative ideas about season 4. But we’d know more about it when we hear more solid details about the series return.

Hannibal Season 4’s Release date

Since things are still up in the air for Hannibal’s revival, its premiere date is purely based on speculation. If the rumors are to go by, Hannibal would return to our screens sometime in 2023 (given that it gets a green light).

 Hannibal Season one to three: where to watch?

Hannibal is available for streaming on Netflix. In case, you have not already watched it, head to the streaming platform, and thank us later.

So, would season four of Hannibal ever return? Or even if it does, what would it be like? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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