Hanna season 3 was delayed! Everything we know so far

Hanna is an American action/thriller television series based on the 2011 film of the same name. The show was written and created by David Farr and is directed by Sara Adina Smith and the series stars Esme Creed Miles and Mierelle Enos.


Hanna’s first season was originally released on February 3, 2019, followed by the second on March 29, 2019. In terms of rating, the series has a rating of 7.5/10 on IMBd, 80% on Rotten Tomatoes


There was a gap of more than a year between the series seasons one and two. And now here comes the question from fans who have been anxiously awaiting for the third season. Is it happening soon? To know more about it, let’s get down into the details.


Is Hanna Season 3 Renewed?


Yes, after the premiere of season 2, Amazon renewed the series for a third season on July 13, 2020.


Fans of the series are also wondering when season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. 


According to an interview with Express.UK, Farr said,  “I am truly grateful to Amazon and NBCU that we can continue that vision. I am also deeply indebted to Esmé Creed-Miles and Mireille Enos for their continuing commitment and enormous talent as we take Hanna and Marissa into new and unexplored terrain. It’s going to be an exciting third act.”


However, the release date for season 3 is still to be announced or it could be that season 3 may have been delayed. Let’s find out.


Hanna Season 3 Delayed: Why?


Indeed the upcoming season is delayed. It’s not only our favourite show Hanna but several other shows have also been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Many fans have been looking forward to the next season to release by this year but sadly, it’s not even on the list of releases on Amazon. Maybe, we’ll have to be more patient and wait a little bit longer.


Hanna Season 3 Release Date


Honestly, at this point, we don’t know what to expect anymore. I mean anything can happen. 


We’d hope that season 3 will release by September 2021 but that’s not happening. There’s still not much known about the possible release date of the third season or if the production is even taking place but it’s safe to assume that maybe filming has already started since other shows have been resumed and running smoothly.


What To Expect From Hanna Season 3


Hanna Season 3 will pick up from the previous season where the finale ended in a cliffhanger.


Esme Creed-Miles (who stars in the series) in conversation with Den of Geek about the plot for the upcoming season said, “I’d love to see [Hanna] eventually, at some point, return to nature. I mean, as challenging as it is to shoot in the wilderness, I definitely feel an affinity with that and I love that part of who she is. I can’t really imagine her truthfully anywhere else being really content.”


After the release of the previous season, Miereille Enos (as Marissa Weigler) hinted to us that there could be a flashbacks sequence of Erik Heller in season 3.


Hanna Season 3 Cast


The cast members to return to the series third season will include Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael, Áine Rose Daly as Sandy Phillips,  Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller, and Cherrelle Skeete as Terri Miller. Another cast member who could also return is none other than Yasmin Money Prince as Clara Mahan.

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