Hand of God season 3: Release date, Cast, and updates

Created by Ben Watkins, “Hand of God” is an American psychological thriller drama television series that is being produced by Universal Television for Amazon Video, the thriller drama series first aired on September 4, 2015. Later, a ten-episode second installment was published on March 10, 2017.


Both the seasons of the show received extremely mixed responses from the audience and critics alike. While many agree that the show has an enticing premise and a star cast, the storyline is somewhat lacking and is too focused on gripping thrills. Nevertheless, Amazon decided not to greenlit the Hand of God for season 3 making season 2 the final outing of the show. Here’s everything we know about season 3 of Hand of God.


Will There Be a Season 3 of Hand of God?


Unfortunately, no. The series has come to an end after the second season. 


The psychological drama series has ended with its second season as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


“We’re wrapping up the storyline in Season 2, which debuts next year, and are excited to bring it to customers,” an Amazon exec confides to TVLine.


Star Ron Perlman disclosed to TV Insider he finds it a little disappointing that the “funky” series Hand of God will no longer continue after the ten-episode second season which was released back in 2017.


“The Hand of God experience was a Triple A-list from top to bottom,” Perlman explains, “from the beginning to the end. … We knew we needed to be in a place that was not averse to taking risks, and we found it [with Amazon].”


Also explaining about his character in the series with whom the actor is not unwilling to take risks, he confessed he was intimidated at the beginning by portraying the role hedge Parnell Harris in the show. 


“He’s an emotional mess,” the actor says about the complex character. “He’s emotionally in a completely compromised state throughout. And I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put myself through that as an actor. I mean, I’m 67 years old. I’m already collecting Social Security. I should probably just be in a rocking chair and ease my way out. But then there was the other angel that was sitting on the other shoulder that said to me, ‘If you don’t do this, you’re a f**king p****y. How could you live with yourself if you knew you had the challenge of a lifetime as an actor and you ran from it? … So that’s the angel that won out in the conversation, and I’m really glad. … I’m really glad because I so enjoyed the company that I was keeping in those two years. From all of the writers and producers to all of the cast. Just a phenomenal company of artists that I really got to know and love, and I really miss. So it was win-win, man, for me,” he added.


The Cast of Hand of God


Ron Perlman plays Pernell Harris

Dana Delany plays Crystal Harris

Andre Royo plays Robert “Bobo” Boston

Garret Dillahunt plays KD

Alona Tal plays Jocelyn Harris

Emayatzy Corinealdi plays Tessie Graham

Julian Morris plays Paul Curtis

Elizabeth McLaughlin plays Alicia Hopkins


Hand of God Season 3 Release Date


There is no release date for season 3 because the series was canceled after the second season. 


Speaking to TV Insider, Ron Perlman revealed that Hand of God creator Ben Watkins originally planned for a couple more seasons for the series. 


“I think Ben’s design was a five-year arc,” Perlman explains. “In order to put some sort of a rational, explainable bunch of names to what [Pernell is] going through was a brilliant conceit on Ben’s part, because [Season 2] is the second phase of grief. … You’re refusing to accept the possibility of something that’s unexplainable. And I think that if we’d have been given the five seasons, this would have turned out to be more of a classically Biblical story than we were ever able to explore in the two years we had. A real journey, like a Job kind of journey. A man who has everything and loses it, and then gets it all again. … [The end of the second season] you see that he’s segueing into the next stage of grief.”


What Could Have Happened in Season 3 of Hand of God?


In an interview with TV Insider, Ron Perlman was asked about the ending of the series. 


“Does it have an ending?” reacts Perlman, when inquired if the tale plays itself out throughout the new season, learning that it won’t happen. “No, it doesn’t have an ending. The ending of Season 2 was basically an invitation for a real throwdown which would have begun to unfold. But that being said, I think that there’s a lot in the second season. The first season asked more questions than it ever answered. The second season begins to address some of those things and begins to give certain kinds of closure. …


“I have no idea how the diehard Hand of God fans will receive this. My guess is as good as yours, or as good as anybody’s. … The Hand of God audience is not the biggest of all the things I’ve ever done. It’s a very select group. This show is not for everybody. I never thought it would be. But the people who loved it, really loved it. And I have had some beautiful responses to it, the kinds that you hope for, the kinds that you dream of.”


So there you go, there will not be a Hand of God season 3 in the future. 

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