Gravity Falls Season 3 Confirmed: Release Date, Cast & Plot

The famous American cartoon series is expected to return with a new season but at this point, it’s unclear if the series ever plans to make a comeback since it has been almost six years since the viewers last saw it on the screens.

The series revolves around unraveling several mysteries and is considered the most innovative cartoon series of the 21st century.

gravity falls season 3

The experiences of the twin kin, dipper, and Mabel pines intrigued the viewers with their charm. The show completed two seasons and now has been renewed for season three. Here is everything about the new season.

When is Gravity Falls Season 3 Releasing?

Alex Hirsch created the American mystery comedy animated series gravity falls for the Disney Channel and Disney XD. Season one of the series was aired from  June 15, 2012, to August 1, 2014, on the Disney channel.

gravity falls season 3

Season two was aired from  August 1, 2014, to February 15, 2016, on Disney XD. Although no official confirmation has been yet given regarding the release of season three, expectations are likely to be released by 2024. Though the creators concluded much of the story by the end of season two, seeing the massive demand from the audience, the stakes of its making a return is high.

The Cast & Characters of Gravity Falls Season 3

The previous seasons of gravity fall featured Jason Ritter voicing Dipper Pines, Mabel pines voiced by Kristen Schaal, Stanley Pines by Alex Hirsch, Soos Ramirez voiced by Alex, Wendy Corduroy by Linda Cardellini, Stanford pines by J.K Simmons, and Bill Cipher by Alex Hirsch.

gravity falls

If season three is renewed, then expectations are that the original cast from season one would be making a comeback. The new season might introduce a new story which might see new characters joining the team.

Gravity falls season 3: Plot

Gravity falls revolve around the story of twelve-year-old twins dipper and Mabel pines who, for their summer vacations, visit the fictitious town of gravity falls, roadkill country.  They spend the summer with their great uncle, stan pines, who runs a tourist trap. The small town is full of mysteries, and the twin duo, with the help of a mysterious journal, unravels the mysteries.

Every episode introduces the viewers to a fresh set of adventures of the twin duo. Apart from the mysteries, the duo also encounters zombies, monsters, and demons in their journey what new adventures wait for the duo in season three.  Season three would reveal several techniques and ancient mysteries from the small town. However, the fans have to wait until official confirmation is made regarding the series’s cast, plot, and release date.


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