Good Omens season 2 – All you need to know about

Good Omens is a fantasy dramedy series based on a 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett of the same name. The series is written by Niel Gaiman, also showrunner and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. The series is going to have a second run.


It’s quite astonishing, with just the first season being its own complete story and all that but it seems as though the series previous season was good enough to become a hit that both Amazon and BBC studios have decided to onboard Neil Gaiman for another story. To know everything about Good Omens season 2 and what it has in store for us, read the article till the end.


Is Good Omens season 2 happening? 


Brace yourself— yes, season 2 is finally happening!


The show has been announced for a second season after two years of its first premiere back in 2019. It’s also confirmed that everyone’s favourite iconic combo Michael Sheen and David Tennant better known as the angel-demon duo will return for season 2.


The series season 2 was announced via Twitter, with the show’s official account that tweeted, “What have our favourite angel and demon gotten into this time? #GoodOmens is returning for Season 2.”


Gaiman, the co-author of the series explained: “It’s 31 years since Good Omens was published, which means it’s 32 years since Terry Pratchett and I lay in our respective beds in a Seattle hotel room at a World Fantasy Convention and plotted the sequel.”


“I got to use bits of the sequel in Good Omens, that’s where our angels came from. Terry’s not here any longer, but when he was, we had talked about what we wanted to do with Good Omens, and where the story went next. And now, thanks to BBC Studios and Amazon, I get to take it there.”


Gaiman wasn’t too sure whether there will be a second season of the show, back in March 2019, just before the first season aired, he thought that the show won’t be returning for another series after all.


He said (via SXSW) in Austin, Texas, “The lovely thing about Good Omens is it has a beginning, it has a middle, and it has an end.”


In a recent interview with RadioTimes, Gaiman stated that he “would love to write more Good Omens” in the future.


Does that mean there’s more coming other than season 2? That would be great actually. Fans don’t have to worry about the series ending for now.


Good Omens season 2 release date: When is it?


There’s no official release date for Good Omens season 2 at the moment, but production has already begun this year. The filming will take place in Scotland.


It was then reported that filming wrapped in March 2022 although no release date has been confirmed as of now, we expect that the new season will arrive by the end of 2022.

Good Omens season 2 will have a total of 6 episodes. The series will be available to watch on Amazon Prime. Season 2 may also eventually be broadcast on BBC channels in the UK and for other countries as well.


Good Omens Season 2 Cast


EW gave the green light that Michael Sheen and David Tennant are coming back to play their respective roles as the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale.


Neil Gaiman will also return as the co-author of the show along with John Finnemore who will also assist in writing the script. Douglas Mackinnon, the previous season’s director, will also return for the next season.


Good Omens season 2 plot


There are no details about the storyline of the show’s next season. Gaiman also mentioned that he discussed with the late Terry Pratchett where the story will fit in a sequel novel, it’s unfortunate that Terry passed before the whole story was completed and who knew it could become a serious project.


Gaiman confirmed that the story will begin with “an unexpected messenger” visiting the angel Aziraphale’s bookshop. “We are back in Soho, and all through time and space,” Gaiman said, “solving a mystery which starts with an angel wandering through Soho with no memory”.

Good Omens Season 2 Trailer

Check the announcement teaser below:

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