Gomorrah Season 6: Release date, Cast and Plot

Is Gomorrah cancelled or renewed for season 6? When does it start on HBO Max? Who’s going to be in the cast? Now that season 5 is over, fans are looking out for updates regarding the next season. In this post, we have summarised all the details for you. Read on… 

Gomorrah season 6: All about the series!

Gomorrah is an Italian crime series based on the novel titled Gomorrah written by Roberto Saviano. It is a thriller drama created by Roberto Saviano. The series stars Marco D’Amore, Salvatore Esposito, Fortunato Cerlino, and Maria Pia Calzone in the lead roles.

When will Gomorrah season 6 be released?

Seasons 1 and 2 of the series were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The third edition aired a year later in 2017. Seasons 4 and 5 premiered in 2019 and 2021. We can see that there’s a gap of minimum one to two years between the releases of all the seasons. Hence, given this information, we can anticipate Gomorrah season 6 to release by the end of 2022 – or 2023. However, the makers or the production haven’t revealed any information. 

Who’s going to be in the season 6 cast of Gomorrah?

Find the cast of season 6 of the series down below:

  • Marco D’Amore as Ciro “l’Immortale”, one of the members of savastano clan. 
  • Salvatore Esposito as Gennaro alias “Genny” Savastano, Pietro’s son. 
  • Fortunato Cerlino as Pietro Savastano, the head of Savastano clan. 
  • Maria Pia Calzone as Immacolata “Imma” Savastano, Pietro’s son. 
  • Marco Palvetti as Salvatore Conte, head of Conte clan. 
  • Fabio De Caro as Malammore, loyal member of Savastano clan.
  • Cristina Donadio as Annalisa “Scianel” Magliocca, a drug dealer. 
  • Cristiana Dell’Anna as Patrizia Santore, 
  • Gianfranco Gallo as Giuseppe Avitabile, rival clan leader. 
  • Ivana Lotito as Azzurra Avitabile, wifey of Gennaro Savastano. 
  • Arturo Muselli as Enzo “Sangueblù”, head of santo clan. 
  • Andrea Di Maria as Elia “‘o Diplomato”, co-leader of Capaccio clan. 
  • Carlo Caracciolo as Fernando “‘o Crezi” co-head of Capaccio clan. 
  • Loris De Luna as Valerio “o Vucabulà”, influential memeber of clan Santo. 
  • Gianni Parisi as Gerlando Levante, Genny’s uncle and boss of a powerful clan. 
  • Luciano Giugliano as Michelangelo “Mickey” Levante, Gerlando’d son. 
  • Antonio Milo as Attilio Diotallevi, affliates of Savastano family, 
  • Simona Capozzi as Antonietta Diotallevi, wife of Attlio. 
  • Massimiliano Rossi as Zecchinetta, one of the old members of Savasatno clan. 
  • Mimmo Esposito as Renato Bolletta, one of the old members affiliated with Savastano clan. 
  • Ivan Boragine as Michele Casillo, Genny Savastano’s best friend. 
  • Carmine Battaglia as Pino, one of the young members of Savastano clan.
  • Emanuele Vicorito as ‘o Pop, one of the young affiliates of Savastano clan. 
  • Antonio Zavatteri as Franco Musi, accountant of Savasatno clan. 
  • Annamaria Malipiero as Gaia Musi, wife of accountant Franco. 
  • Rinat Khismatouline as Eremenko, leader of Russian mafia in Barcelona. 
  • Francesco Murolo as Antonio, friend of Pietro.
  • Arturo Sepe as Angioletto, soldier of Pietro Savastano. 
  • Gaetano Amato as ‘o Ghepardo, one  of the Alleys Boys of Genney. 

How many episodes will season 6 of Gomorrah comprise?

Gomorrah has five seasons with 58 episodes. Season one to four has a total of twelve episodes. Whereas season 5 has a total of ten episodes. In case the makers follow a similar pattern, season 6 will comprise 10-12 episodes. However, it is just an anticipation. As of now, there have been no official announcements whatsoever. 

Where to watch Gomorrah season 6? 

The series is available to watch on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. All the seasons from one to five are available to watch on the mentioned platforms. Season 6 will likely release on the same OTT platform. 

Will there be a season 7 of Gomorrah?

As of right now, there have been no updates about Gomorrah season 7. 

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