Girl From Nowhere Season 3: All You Need To Know

Girl from Nowhere is undeniably one of the hottest foreign shows on Netflix right now. Girl from Nowhere is a Thai television thriller-horror anthology series known in Thailand as Dek Mai. The show debuted in August 2018. The second season was picked up by the streaming giant Netflix which was released on May 7, 2021. This show has two seasons so far. 

The story follows a mysterious girl named Nanno played by Chicha Amatayakui who often transfers from one school to another to uncover the shameful acts within the institution from predatory educators to bullying students.

According to numerous reports, it was stated that the show was actually based on real-life incidents of exploitation of teenage girls from thirteen different institutions. The Netflix show portrays the dark story of bullying, paedophilia, rape, sexual harassment, academic fraud and the dangers of society.

Girl from Nowhere has two seasons and has a total of 13 episodes each was helmed by different directors. Main character Chicha Amatayakul in an interview to which she said, “I’m very happy to play Nannoh. Every week, I attend an acting workshop…and work with the director who is in charge of the next episode.”

Who exactly is Nanno?

There are multiple theories to define who exactly Nanno is. To put it, some think that she’s an Angel, while others think she’s the devil herself that comes disguised in a human form and a few think that she’s a spiritual being that seeks revenge. Star Chicha Amatayakul who plays as Nanno herself said that “She’s neither a ghost nor a human but rather, something like Satan’s spawn, the daughter of Lucifer or the serpent that brought forth the Fall of Man by giving Eve the forbidden fruit.” This pretty much sums up a possible theory as to why she frequently transfers schools and exposes the scandalous deeds in the system. But one thing for sure is that she’s not on your side, she’s not your friend either and most importantly do not make her your enemy, else that’ll be like wishing for the arrival of your death.

Is Season 3 Happening?

Fans want to know whether Girl from Nowhere season 3 is happening but as of now, there is no official news about the renewal of the third instalment. Netflix has neither renewed nor cancelled the show. We’ll have to wait for some more time for the streaming network to make that decision. Given the show’s immense popularity around the world, there’s a high possibility that Girl from nowhere will be back for another run. Until then Netflix has to give the green signal first.

If season 3 were to happen, we’re guessing it’ll arrive by mid-2022 with the same number of episodes which is 13th but we can not be too sure for now as everything falls on Netflix. For sure we want to see Nanno and more for her atrocious actions in the possible upcoming season.

Despite there being no official renewal announcement, it is rumored that the series is set to return with its third season in the Summer of 2022. However, this is yet to be confirmed by Netflix.

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