Gate Anime Season 3 Cast, Release Date,  & Plot

Hyped Japanese fiction show Gate is anticipated by fans to make a comeback with season 3 but so far there’s no word from the makers. The series is composed by Takumi Yanai and represents Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi.  The series is a popular Japanese fantasy novel series. 

Gate season 3

Gate was serialized from 2006 to 2009 on arcadia. The previous seasons of the series garnered much traction. The popularity of the series has led to its comeback. Here’s everything about the new release.

Gate Season 3: Release Date

The first installment of season one was telecasted from July to September 2015. The second installment of season one of the series was aired from January to March 2016. In 2017 a sequel of the novel series Gate season 2 was released.  

Gate Anime Season 3

Season two received much accreditation from the fans of the series. For some time, rumors of the revival of the series have been doing rounds in the market. However, there is no official confirmation regarding the release of season 3. If season 3 is given the green light, it will be released either by the second quarter of 2022 or 2023.

Gate Season 3: Cast

If season 3 is made, then expectations will feature the same cast from season 2.

Gate season 3

This indicates that Youji Itami would reprise a Lieutenant, Pina Colada as the 19-year-old former princess, Tuka Luna Marceau, as the 165-year ancient giant fairy, Lelei La Lelena 15-year-old witch.

Gate Season 3: Plot

The plot of the gate is an amalgamation between truth and fiction.  In the storyline, on one fine day in the peaceful town of Tokyo, a gate to a third dimension opens up. This entrance paves the gateway for intruders to enter planet Earth.  In a short span of the gate’s opening, wild knights and creatures come to Japan through the portal. They begin to attack the city and its citizens.

Gate season 3

It becomes a big challenge for the Japanese government to stop the intruders who teleport quickly. The Japanese soldiers and self-defense teams led by Youji Itami engage in combat against the intruders. The soldiers finally manage t drive the animals out. However, their job is not finished as they have to keep their guards up to deter the entrance of other intruders. In between the combat, the soldiers also have to save princess Pina colada and the imperial capital battle agents from the intruders. In addition, the Japanese self-protection forces try to stop prince zorzal from creating further damage to Earth. Although the plot for season 3 is unknown, it would pick up the story from the ending of season 2. It would showcase whether the Japanese forces can close the entrance of the gate or not.

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