Games As an Important Part of Our Lives: 5 Answers to Key Questions

It is worth starting with the fact that the game is a basic need of man and other creatures. If you look at animals, then their games are the basis of life. Any gaming activity, whether at the computer or on the court, allows a person, among other things, to find one’s place in life or get positive feelings. Also, it helps to return to childhood, when plays were encouraged, and childhood is a period of calm and acceptance.

What Processes Occur in the Human Brain During the Game

If we talk about processes, then there are three main ones:

  • Planning:

A person must always rely on some things in the environment. In some ways, we know that tomorrow we will be able to wake up and have breakfast. During the play, it works even better, we can plan: for example, you can learn more about new strategies or tactics with free slot machines available online.

  • The desire to achieve some results:

For example, when there is nothing to rely on in life and it is very difficult to plan something, this is very frustrating for a person. The game knows for sure that you or your character will become stronger if you can upgrade your skills. Any victory will help to get positive emotions. And most importantly: you make some effort for this and get the appropriate result that satisfies you.

  • A change of scenery:

In the case of virtual entertainment, if there is an interesting plot, then you can immerse yourself in this world instead of watching TV shows. And most importantly, specifically, you can influence this world. This allows you to make decisions within the given conditions, and, most likely, most of them will be correct: you will be able to complete the mission. Developers have made sure that your decisions bring results.

How Effectively Do Games Affect Human Emotions?

It is a very effective tool for dealing with emotions. For many people, such entertainment helps people get rid of their anger. If something in life does not work out, you need to find an organic way to release emotions. Virtual gaming is great for this. For example, you can open Mortal Kombat and start kneading opponents – this helps to get rid of the negative. In other places, this is simply unacceptable.

Does the Type of Gameplay Affect the Emotions You Receive?

It depends more on the format of this entertainment. If it’s a competitive game, you’re great at it, and your actions lead to victory, you will definitely be pleased. If we are talking about the need to interact, then the feelings will be completely different: a sense of shoulder, support, and team unity, which is difficult to obtain in the modern world. Moreover, you probably communicate with your game partners and can rely on each other.

How Do Games Help Define a Person’s Archetype?

Gaming is a way to implement deeply embedded programs of behavior, while not violating the social structure and order. A person can:

  • be a strategist (plan actions in advance);
  • dominate (show skills);
  • self-actualize (acquire new skills);
  • perform any social role – from a team leader to a bright individualist.

How Do Video Games Provide an Opportunity to Gain Experience?

Events occurring in real space are limited by physical places and conditions. Video gaming has its ontology. It allows you to set your physical and spatial rules. Any actions that are irreparable in reality (for example, a fatal injury, the collapse of an entire civilization, and the death of heroes) are correctable during the gameplay – you can save the gaming process or go through it again.

The passage of time in a video game is reversible and non-linear, and possibilities that are mutually exclusive in real life can be realized. The player has a fantastic ability to make any choice an unlimited number of times, having tried all the possible gaming experiences. This helps to develop the skill of making the right choice in real life.

Thus, it doesn’t matter how you spend time on games or which ones you like. In any game session, you clearly understand what you need to do and what positive range of emotions you will get from it. All this allows forgetting about what is happening around you at least a bit. This is the main value of this type of entertainment.

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