Full Metal Panic season 5: Everything we know so far

Full Metal Panic is based on Shoji Gatoh’s light novel series. The anime made its debut in 2002 and received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The series was renewed for three more seasons, while its fourth installment had a long years gap in between its previous parts. Now that the anime creators have come up with the fourth part of Full Metal Panic in 2018, the fans worldwide are wondering if there is more in store for them. That poses the obvious question is Full Metal Panic 5 is coming out any soon? Gladly, we have got all your answers. Read on to know every detail relating to Full Metal Panic season 5.

When will Full Metal Panic Season 5 be launched? 

Full Metall Panic’s last part got aired in 2018 and was a gangbuster business surprisingly. Since then, there is no major announcement from the anime creators. Nonetheless, there is no reason why Full Metal Panic season 5 is not happening. But given the inconsistency in the production of the anime, it is difficult to predict when will the next part premiere. So we have to wait for an official statement from the anime house and the showrunners regarding the same. 

Season one consisted of 24 episodes, while the second season, which had no connection with the source material, included a lesser number of episodes, i.e. 12. Additionally, the third season of the anime had 13 episodes, and it is recently released part comprised 12 episodes. Thus, we could expect season five adhering to a similar episode number between 10-13.

Full Metal Panic Season 5 Plot: What is it about? 

Full Metal Panic relies on a 12-volume  light series of novels for its storyline. Since the previous seasons had explored most of the source material, it is safe to assume that season five will focus on the remaining last three volumes. Full Metal Panic follows the story of a sergeant, Sousuke Sagara, who works for a private military firm, Mithrill, and is tasked to protect Kaname Chidori. Sagara finds it challenging to get accustomed to a normal civilian life, of the strength of spending the major part of his life in wars, battles, and handling guns. He offers a military perspective to everyday life situations, which makes him a subject of ridicule among his classmates. Kaname is a tsundere, whose character gradually develops as the story progresses. The pair cherishes a bond, which the audience has a chance to see now and then. Overall the plot is well-executed with fascinating characters and appealing character design and visuals. It has got a mix of rom-com, mecha, and thrill. Fans could see a similarity between the male protagonist and other leads in several anime, but the unique characterization makes it a solid anime. 

With no available information about a potential fifth installment of Full Metal Panic, speculating its plot thread is tricky. However, book lovers can get their hands on book series and quench their curiosity. While the anime enthusiasts have to wait for some time until the plot is revealed by the studio. 

Season 4 had several loose strings and had left the fans craving for more. Will Chidori and Sagara’s relation blossom into something meaningful? And is there a waging war between Amagalm and Mithril? To know it, stay tuned. 

The cast of Full Metal Panic Season 5: Who to expect?

 Although we have no specifics regarding the fifth part of Full Metal Panic’s cast, we will be delighted to see the original characters and cast returning for a fifth installment. Fans could expect Sousuke Sagara to lead the story ahead as the Army Slave serpent. Tomokazu Seki is the leading voice cast of Sousuke Sagara. The Whisperer Kaname Chidori will be the female lead of the anime with Satsuki Yukino voicing out the character. 

 Other returning casts includesTestarossa Yukana ((Teletha), Michiko Neya (Melissa Mao), Shinichiro Miki  (Kurz Weber). New characters may also appear, though the studio is divulged about it at this moment. 

When is the release date for Full Metal Panic Season 5? 

A trailer for Full Metal Panic five is unlikely to be dropped until 2022 or early 2023 in case the anime gets a green signal by the end of 2021. 

Studio Xebec is no longer in existence, so our last hope is production IG, which is currently taking up new projects and has plans to release big production titles. Sadly, the latter has not shown any interest in renewing the anime, still our fingers are crossed. 

Watch this space to get up-to-date details about your favorite anime, television series, and sitcoms. Also, feel free to tell us your thoughts/opinions about the fifth part of Full Metal Panic. Should it get renewed or should it get canceled? 


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