First Kill Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, and more

Created by Victoria Schwab, “First Kill” is an American supernatural teen drama TV series that was launched on Netflix on June 10, 2022. The series is heavily inspired based on a brief tale by Schwab of the same name.


Just like the short novel, First Kill follows the fictional tale of two lesbians who fall helplessly in love with each other but there’s more to this story. Cal’s (played by Imani Lewis) lover Juliette (played by Sarah Catherine Hook) is a Vampire and Cal herself is a Vampire slayer.


Following the dramatic cliffhanger and success of the show, fans are wondering if Netflix will green light a second run. Let’s find out below:


Has First Kill been greenlit by Netflix for Season 2?


As of now, Netflix is yet to renew the series for the second installment. However, fans need not worry as there’s a chance for a follow-up. 


The cast of First Kill has expressed the possibility of season two, with Imani Lewis confessing: “We’re all fingers crossed.”


She continued: “So I’m encouraging people to stream First Kill, all of the season as soon as possible so we can get a season two.”


Sarah Catherine Hook also informed Yahoo: “I don’t know anything, but I have been saying to everyone based off of the ending of First Kill, as far as Juliette is concerned I’m really hoping for a dark moment for her,” she added. “I’d like to see a different side to her where she loses her humanity and takes over the Elinor role for a minute, and [for her to] just be the monster that everyone wants her to be.”


The giant streamer usually takes about a month to renew a series and it hasn’t been that long since the show debuted. So, let’s patiently wait for its renewal and other updates concerning the potential upcoming season.


First Kill Season 2 Release Date


If it gets renewed by this year, we can expect the new episodes to be out in mid-2023. 


As per speculations, the second season will have about eight episodes.


The Cast of First Kill Season 2


Here are the names of the cast expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming season–


  • Sarah Catherine Hook (as Juliette)

  • Imani Lewis (as Cal)

  • Elizabeth Mitchell (as Margot)

  • Aubin Wise (as Tal)

  • Gracie Dzienny (as Elinor)

  • Dominic Goodman (as Apollo)

  • Phillip Mullings, Jr. (as Theo)

  • Jason R. Moore (as Jack)


What can we expect from the storyline of Season 2 of First Kill?


Speaking to Elite Daily star Dominic Goodman was asked what he envisions for the next season’s storyline, he explained: “I think that there’s a lot of growth in Season 2 for Apollo, especially given where we left off with him being very distraught and emotional and just not the same Apollo you see in the first few episodes — you know, always happy-go-lucky, always joking around.” 


He continued: “So as for Season 2, I think that he could go many ways. For Apollo, either he sits soaking in sadness or he lets it fuel him. Especially since we see all these monsters at the end of the episode — there’s gonna be some monsters in Savannah and I think that they’re gonna need Apollo, so we’ll see if he’s up for it.”


In an interview with Screenrant Sarah Catherine Hook also revealed a little of her expectation for Juliette’s fate. 


“I don’t know if I should say anything, but I want Juliette to find herself even more. I kind of want a more wicked side to come out of her. But, those are up to the powers that be, [laughs] so I can only dream of these things.”

That’s all we have for now folks! Keep checking this post for more updates.

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