Final Destination 6 is happening! When is it coming and all you need to know

The most horrific movie of the 21’s era is going to make a big comeback with its sixth season! We know you guys have already guessed the name of the movie. Well, Bravo!! Oh yes, we are talking about ‘Final Destination Season 6’. In this post, all your queries and doubts regarding season 6 will be resolved. Join along!


Final Destination is an American horror franchise that has produced five movies, two comic books, and nine novels to date. The entire story in this movie, book, and novel is based on an unproduced story by Jeffrey Radix, which Jeffrey wrote for the X-Files TV show. The first-ever instalment of the series was released in 2000 – and was titled Final Destination season 1. It was produced by James Wrong – and written by Wong, Glen Morgan, and Jeffrey Reddick. The show got inspiration from Reddick’s unproduced scripts.  


The whole story of Final Destination revolves around some group of people, who try to escape from the unavoidable death after one character in the play i.e., the protagonist sees an unexpected suspicion and cautions them about the casualties that are about to occur. Slowly, as we move ahead in the story, every single survivor that the protagonist has dreamed about loses their life – that too, in a very nasty way. 


Even though this story is very painful, the storyline is much loved by the audience. The cinematography and execution of the story have been highly appreciated by the critics. However, final destination management secured only 5.8 out of 10 ratings on IMDb, with a total ballots count of 107,894 ratings. Getting such a high rating is a record in itself for any show. You can reckon the popularity and the demands of the show by its ballot count. If we talk about the total revenue, all the five movies were made on a budget of approx. 154 million dollars and have grossed a total of 665 million dollars at the Box Office worldwide collection. 

The Final Destination – Release date?

Final Destination creator and writer, Jeffrey Reddick confirmed on 5 October 2020 that the film’s sixth installation shoot is about to begin!


However, the makers postponed the date of the shooting due to the rise of a hazardous malady of coronavirus. As of now, no official date has been announced regarding the release date of the upcoming season of Final destination. As Jeffrey announced earlier in his interviews, keeping those things in mind, we can probably anticipate the arrival of the sixth edition of Final Destination anywhere in 2022 or later in 2023. 

The Final Destination – Cast

As of now, no official declaration has been made by the production team regarding the cast members. However, we can anticipate some of the characters to be seen in the upcoming season of Final Destination.


  • Tony Todd
  • Danielle Panabaker
  • Kay Panabaker
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Thomas Dekker
  • Shay Mitchell
  • Julianna Guill
  • Amanda Righetti
  • Willa Ford
  • Travis Van Winkle
  • Katrina Bowden
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Lindsey Shaw
  • Jamie Chung

‘Final Destination 6’ Plot

As we have deduced from the last five seasons, the plot of Final Destination is always the same, only the story (the accident at which the survivors die) and the characters are different. Every time we get to see some unique idea of how people accidentally die. 


However, Jeffrey Reddicks, the mastermind behind the story revealed that the upcoming film will not be a complete reboot. He also said “It’s always: if the formula isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But my thing is that Death has so many designs in my brain that it could use. Like, we’re seeing one design with the Rube Goldberg kind of thing. But Death could get us in so many ways.”


He also added, “It would be fun to explore that world, almost like what we did with the second one. I want to expand on the mythology. If I came back, I would want to do something different.” 


So far no official announcement has been received regarding the plot of the film. As soon as we get to know, we will post it in our next article. Stay connected with us!


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