FBoy Island Season 2: Release date, Cast, and more updates

Are you ready for another dating round of FBoy Island? In case you didn’t know, this show is reality-based, and everything that happens in the show is real and no BS. How do we know this? Well, according to one of the previous stars named Sarah Emig, disclosed to E ! that FBoy is “completely unscripted.” 


The first season was launched on July 29, 2021, and ever since its debut fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of FBoy. Here’s what we know about the upcoming season of FBoy Island.


Will there be a season 2 of FBoy Island? 


The reality series was greenlit for a second installment in August 2021. The renewal announcement came early and fans couldn’t be more thrilled as it was announced just days after the premiere of the first season’s finale to let the fans know that FBoy Island is returning for season 2. 

It’s also confirmed that host Nikki Glaser will also return to introduce the new batch of F-Boys and Nice Guys.


In a statement, the comedian host couldn’t hide her excitement about coming back to the show again. “I couldn’t be happier about returning to FBOY ISLAND for season two. The only downside is that it confirms my greatest fear: that there are more than 12 F-boys on planet earth.”


“Season one undoubtedly kept the audience guessing but we have even more big twists in store for season two. To the next batch of F-boys, beware, we’re coming for you!” said Jennifer O’Connell, executive vice president at HBO Max.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, series co-creator Elan Gale (who also served as producer from the Bachelor franchise) reveals that he wishes for an entire franchise of the series. And he seems optimistic that the show will have more seasons in the future. 


“What I’m hopeful for is that every season takes on a life of its own based on the leads. I think this season was really made by CJ and Nakia and Sarah. We followed their love stories,” Gale explains. “So I hope that every season allows us to follow whoever the leads are, and that’s going to give us the difference.”


When is the Release Date for FBOY Island Season 2?


The official air date for season 2 of FBoy Island has been finally revealed and the season is making its premiere on July 14, 2022. Have a look at the official tweet shared in it’s official Twitter account of FBoy Island.



How many episodes will be there in FBoy Season 2? 


It was recently confirmed that the FBoy Island season 2 will consist of 10 episodes. However, the list of episodes will be dropped on three different dates. The first three episodes will be launched on July 14, 2022, followed by another three episodes premiering on July 21,  two episodes on July 28, and the last two episodes on August 4.


Who are the three ladies in search of love?


The three ladies participating in the show in hopes of finding the one true love includes


  • Mia Emani Jones is a dental scholar from Tampa. She is a 26-year-old and will be participating in the reality show. 

  • Louise Barnard is a 25 year old model hailing from Onekama, Michigan. 

  • Tamaris Sepulveda is an accountant from New York. She is 29 years of age.


Who are the boys participating in Season 2 of FBoy Island to win the love of the three ladies?


  • A.C. Long (28 years of age)

  • Asanté Tait (27 years of age)

  • Benedict Polizzi (31 years of age)

  • Braydon Elgar (22 years of age) 

  • Carlos Lopez (30 years of age)

  • Danny Louisa (31 years of age)

  • Dewayne Rogers (26 years of age)

  • Ilon Hao (30 years of age)

  • JaBriane Ross (28 years of age)

  • Jared Seay (25 years of age)

  • Jeremy Edberg (33 years of age)

  • John MgBemena (28 years of age)

  • Kian Lewis (27 years of age)

  • Kyland Hewett-Newbill (24 years of age)

  • Lukasz Yoder (21 years of age)

  • Mercedes Knox (25 years of age)

  • Michael Dakessian (27 years of age)

  • Nick Priola (26 years of age)

  • Nick Warfield (28 years of age)

  • Niko Pilalis (29 years of age)

  • Nikolay Pranchenko (29 years of age)

  • Noam Atzil (27 years of age)

  • Tom Carnifax (24 years of age)

  • Zachary Wambold (25 years of age)


FBoy Island Season 2 Plot: What can we expect?


As per The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s chief of original content said, “With a title like Fboy Island, we knew we would get the audience’s attention, and we’re thrilled that they’ve responded to the self-aware, comedic nature of the format, proving that they are excited by this fresh approach that puts women in control.” She continued, “Season one undoubtedly kept the audience guessing, but we have even more big twists in store for season two.”


Also, as per the Deadline, “The response to FBoy Island has been incredible and we can’t wait to dial up the volume, even more, to take the second season to the next level,” said Jason Goldberg, executive producer, and head creative officer, SFX alternative. Executive Producer, and Chief Creative. “We’re thrilled to continue this collaboration with HBO Max, Elan, Sam, Nikki and Ben. They have been amazing creative partners.”

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