Fast and Furious 11 all set to hit the screens in 2025!

As of the latest available information, “Fast & Furious 11,” officially titled “Fast X Part 2,” has a confirmed release date set for April 2025. Vin Diesel announced this in early June 2023. However, development on the Fast X sequel, including a potential Hobbs solo movie, has been affected by an ongoing actors’ strike.

Dwayne Johnson, who makes a surprise return in the credit scene of Fast X, revealed that his standalone Hobbs movie would serve as “a fresh, new chapter & set-up” for Fast X Part 2. The strike has caused delays in the progress of the Hobbs movie, leaving fans awaiting further updates. There’s speculation about whether the Hobbs movie might be part of the trilogy Diesel mentioned when he stated that Fast X was the start of a trilogy, challenging the initial assumption that it was a two-parter.

While awaiting more information, let’s explore what we can anticipate from “Fast & Furious 11,” also known as “Fast X Part 2.”

Fast and Furious 11 Tentative Release Date

Fast & Furious 11 is officially set to hit cinemas on April 4, 2025, barring any delays due to the ongoing actors’ strike. Development for the 11th installment is in progress, with Fast X director Louis Leterrier returning for the new movie. The script will be crafted by writers Christina Hodson and Oren Uziel.

Director Louis Leterrier confirmed in August 2023 that the movie was currently “on pause,” likely due to the ongoing actors’ strike. However, with the resolution of the writers’ strike, progress can be made on the sequel’s script. Filming, on the other hand, is contingent on the resolution of the actors’ strike, with no definitive end date in sight as of November 2023.

Fast and Furious 11 Returning Cast Members

As of now, the official cast for Fast & Furious 11 has not been confirmed. However, some assumptions can be made based on the events of Fast X.

Vin Diesel is expected to return as Dominic Toretto, despite the finale of Fast X leaving him in a precarious situation. It’s unlikely that the series would kill off Dom or his son Brian (Leo Abelo Perry).

The fates of Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), and Han (Sung Kang) are uncertain after the events of Fast X, with their plane being targeted. While it’s possible that one of them may be killed off, there’s also a chance that they could all return in the next movie.

Alan Ritchson, who played Agency leader Aimes in Fast X, expressed his hope to return as the antagonist in the next film. Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron are expected to reprise their roles as Letty and Cipher, respectively, with the final scene of Fast X showing them picked up in Antarctica by Gisele (Gal Gadot), who is somehow back from the dead.

Gal Gadot has expressed her excitement about returning to the Fast family, indicating her involvement in Fast & Furious 11. Check out Gal Gadot’s Instagram post below:


The complete cast list will be officially confirmed closer to the movie’s release.

Jason Statham will definitely be returning as Deckard Shaw. However, fans are highly disappointed that we will not get to see Dwayne Johnson on the screen as he announced his exit from the series. This is because he was not comfortable with the work culture of many male actors.


Stay tuned with us to receive more official updates on Fast and Furious 11!!

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