Fans receive shocking blow as Amazon cancels ‘Patriot’!

Amazon original series ‘Patriot’ has officially been cancelled by the streaming network after two successful runs. Developed by Steven Conrad, ‘Patriot’ is a thriller political suspense drama that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in November 2015. Featuring superstars like Michael Dorman, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus, Chris Conrad, Debra Winger, Aliette Opheim, Kathleen Munroe and Terry O’Quinn, the show created for itself a massive fanbase amongst the audience who were eagerly waiting for ‘Patriot’ Season 3. Unfortunately, the series have been officially cancelled by Amazon Studios in an official statement released by co-head Albert Cheng. Albert Cheng revealed that the streaming platform is not planning for another season of ‘Patriot’ at all.

Despite receiving a fantabulous rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, ‘Patriot’ was cancelled, and fans are still confused as to why their favorite show went off air. Fans were left exceptionally disappointed after receiving this heartbreaking news and came forward in large numbers to express their disappointment on various social media platforms.

Why was ‘Patriot’ cancelled?

Amazon has not yet released an official statement consisting of the reason as to why the spy thriller dramedy series was cancelled after two successful hit runs. However, a report issued by Deadline alleges that the thriller suspense show ‘Patriot’ was cancelled because the lead actor Michael Dorman left the show cast and moved on to another Apple TV’s science fiction series. Michael Dorman plays the character of John Tavner who definitely struck a chord with the audience, Unfortunately, it is hinted by Deadline that he has shifted to another show cast. If, at all, Amazon plans to renew the series for another season then they will have to play around Dorman’s schedule which will be very busy because of the upcoming science fiction series.

What was ‘Patriot’ all about?

The show ‘Patriot’ is a political spy thriller dramedy series that revolves around John Tavner, US Intelligence, who is on a mission to stop Iran from going all nuclear. The first season shows John Tavner take up a Midwester corporate cover and successfully survive it. Then he loses his briefcase that had a huge amount of 11 million euros but does not come anywhere even near Iran to influence their presidential elections.

Seeing him fail, John Tavner’s father solidifies his orders and instructions even more in the second season so that he can successfully carry out the assassination of the pro-nuclear candidate in the presidential elections of Iran.

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