Exposing theory of Stranger Things Season 5: Eddie Munson might come?

Can we expect to see Eddie Mundson in season 5 of Stranger Things? As preposterous as it may sound, there may be a possibility that Eddie Mundson might return! 


It’s been over a month since the final two episodes of Stranger Things aired, and it’s absolutely insane how the makers decided to kill our beloved Eddie Mundson! Dustin still hasn’t been able to recover from the loss of Eddie and neither have the fans. Struck down in his prime by a horde of demo-bats, Eddie sacrifices himself so others could reach Vecna and get done with this crazy dude. 


Eddie star Joseph Quinn told RadioTimes.com that his death was “a brilliantly realised ending for a brilliantly written character” and that “as an actor you want characters with those kinds of arc”, so it certainly seems as though Eddie’s time on the show is at an end.


However, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating theories about possible ways that the character could return for season 5. One particular theory has emerged on Reddit and is lighting up the internet of late, and that is – Eddie coming back as a freakin “Vampire”. 


Yeah well, that might sound ridiculous given that the show hasn’t yet involved supernatural characters, such as vampires and werewolves. However, there is actually some grounding to it – and it all comes from the show’s Dungeons & Dragons influences.


The characters have named a number of the show’s villains after their favourite role playing game. This includes the Mind Flayer that legit had Will Byers’ hair risin’; the demogorgons that killed Joyce’s guy-interest, Bob; and the most recent and deadliest of all, Vecna! Fans on Reddit have pointed out that Eddie’s death mirrors that of another D&D character, Kas the Bloody Handed.


Just as Eddie was killed by bats, Kas also died due to a vicious bat attack. Coincidence, eh? Well, Kas’ story is directly linked with Vecna’s in D&D! Although the Duffer brothers enjoy peppering the show and killing off key characters, theorising Eddie’s return seems like a possible hit. And, we need Eddie to come back for season 5. Killing Max already has everybody’s heart shattered in pieces! 


Following Kas death, he is reincarnated by Vecna to serve as his right hand, and does so under his subjugation. He eventually manages to summon enough strength to rebel against Vecna and kill him once and for all, marking the sort of strong redemption arc Stranger Things may find too good to resist. Further, Eddie’s tattoos of bats and puppet strings are further confirmation that he may take up Kas’s role in season 5. 


While others have noted that Eddie’s body is currently unaccounted for, left in the Upside Down by the show’s heroes in a move which feels uncharacteristically cold, it’s also highly unlikely that Eddie would be the one to take Vecna down. However, perhaps his body is left there in the Upside Down for Vecna to get his hands on it and resurrect him. Who knows? Whatever it is though, it’s still an interesting theory that makes us wonder if there will be more of Eddie’s character in season 5!

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