Euphoria Season 3: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Without a shadow of a doubt, Euphoria is the most popular and loved TV series streaming online! No wonder, all the credit for its success goes to its incredible storyline and cast. Even though there is only one episode left in season two, audiences are going all crazy waiting to see even further! 

After watching the storyline of Rue’s story, there exist some questions, which the fans are eagerly waiting for: What will happen to the love triangle of Maddy, Nate, and Cassie? Will we see Rue go completely clean? Can we see Tom Holland’s cameo in the coming season? Well, in this article, we will unveil all the secrets of Euphoria Season 3 – from its release to the cast!

Euphoria is an American drama show directed and written by Sam Levinson. It is believed to be based on an Israeli TV miniseries named Hebrew – forged by Ron Zombies and Daphne Kevin. This block busted series, which started in 2019, has secured a rating of 8.4 on IMDB. Not only this, due to the excellent cinematography, storyline and performance of the cast, the series has received a ton of praise from the critics.  

The series, however, has faced a lot of controversies due to its nudity and sexual content. For a short interval, the series gained a lot of love and fame – and was nominated for the British Academy Television Award for the Best International Programme. Nonetheless, it also won several awards including TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama and Primetime Emmy Award and Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series (Zendaya won for her outstanding performance!)

Euphoria Season 3: Release Date

Euphoria was started by HBO on June 16, 2019, (with regards to one of the most thriving and loved series ever), makers had to precede the show by two special broadcasts – each of one hour. As far as its second season is concerned, it was released on January 9, 2022, whose last episode is yet to be premiered by HBO. Although season 2 was going to come long back, it got so late amid this covid period!

Beholding the love and enthusiasm of the audience towards the show, it can be inferred that season 3 will return for sure. But the inevitable riddle still renews in place – When will Euphoria season 3 be released after all? Till that time, nothing of this can go anywhere, until an official announcement comes from HBO’s side. Looking at the recent article of Daily Research Plot, we can probably guess that Euphoria may be released by late 2023.

Euphoria Season 3: Cast

Until we are well aware of what happens at the end of Season 2, it would be stupid to address the cast of Season 3. But if we talk, considering the story so far, we have some cast which can perhaps be seen. The finale episode of the second season may have some twists – and we may not get to see some of these casts. Instead, we may see some new faces – or there might even be a return to old faces. 

Here are some of the cast members, which we can get to see in the coming season according to the storyline so far.

  • Our lead artist, Zendaya will be seen playing the character of Rue for sure. 
  • Hunter Schafer would be seen as Jules.
  • Sydney Sween can be seen performing Cassie’s role
  • Nate would be performed by Jacob Elordi
  • Barbie Ferreira as Kat’s role
  • Alexa Demie would be casted in Maddy’s role for sure
  • Angus Cloud would be playing Fez role in series
  • Algee Smith as Chris’s role
  • Lexi’s can be seen performed by Maude Apatow
  • And finally, you’ll find Dominic File will make a return in Elliott’s role.

Euphoria Season 3: Plot 

It is a tad difficult to assert the plot of Season 3, at the moment, when the cast or crew members of Euphoria haven’t revealed anything related to season 3. However, we might be able to reveal it when we get to see the finale of Season 2 – because after watching that we can make an idea of ​​the overall storyline. 

As soon as we get to see some information from their cast or HBO, we will be posting it right here. Stay tuned!


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