Eric Roberts might star in the Cast of ‘City Rush 3’

Some news sites claim that Eric Roberts is going to join the cast of the upcoming movie City Rush 3 and it is probably going to hit theaters by next year. Is it true? City Rush 3 is cancelled or it will be renewed? Let’s find out!

In this post, we’ll uncover all the latest news, cast updates, premiere dates, and trailers for the upcoming movie City Rush 3 (if it happens) in the article below. 

All About City Rush?

City Rush is a German action, crime and sci-fi TV series that premiered on January 1, 2020. The storyline of the series follows Special agent Ace is called out of retirement and teams up with Scarlett to take down The Clown and his gang. Directed by George Tounas, the series turned out to be a huge hit in terms of box office and viewership. 

Is Eric Roberts Joining the Cast of City Rush 3?

Yes, it has been officially announced that Eric Roberts is finally going to be a star cast in the film City Rush 3 as Chief Montana. 

Other Cast of ‘City Rush 3’?

As of this writing, there were zero disclosures considering the star cast for season 3. The show creators haven’t released an official star cast list yet. However, We can anticipate the return of many previous cast members for the third installment. George Tounas Films has not confirmed the cast members for the upcoming season. After tons of research and leaks, we can conclude some cast to be seen again. 

Here are they, 

  • Eric Roberts as Chief Montana
  • George Tounas as Ace
  • Lana Kubryk as Jessica
  • Karel Curras as Charlie
  • Anqi Zhu as Gang bride
  • Jannis Sky as The Clown
  • Marina Braun as Roxy
  • Samuel Spinozzi as  Conte
  • Sarah Höhn as Jane
  • Ashraf Aziz as Crawler
  • Tuan Ryu as Tang
  • Zoi Nazlidou as Gang bride
  • Petra Josette as Scarlett

City Rush 3 Trailer?

So far, the trailer of the series status is yet to be authorized. Currently, it would be ironic to say the second season’s trailer was already out and streaming by George Tounas Films. However, as soon as the trailer is out, we’ll update you guys. Stay in touch with us!


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