Eric Roberts and Michael Ironside join the Cast of ‘Gateway to the West’

After Witnessing the official announcement of Eric Roberts and Micheal Ironside joining the cast of Gateway to the West, fans are waiting for its premiere with utter inquisitiveness!  


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Now, without any further delay, let’s begin…

All About Gateway to the West?

Directed by Péter Soós, Gateway to the West is an upcoming Action Historical drama TV series that will premiere on November 16, 2023. As per IMDb, the storyline of the series will be: “When the Kingdom of Hungary’s army was annihilated by the Mongols at the battle of Mohi, only the castle of Esztergom now stood in the Mongolians’ way of invading the rest of Europe. Khan Batu, the grandson of Genghis Khan, reaches the walls of Esztergom with his invincible troops. The castle’s defenders, led by Eusebius, the Canon of Esztergom, and a Spanish mercenary, Captain Simon, are preparing for the final battle. The sudden arrival of Cardinal Cesareani, the Papal Legate, coinciding with the Mongol Lunar New Year celebrations and the mystical practices of Eusebius, combine to offer the defenders a small glimmer of hope.”

Are Eric Roberts and Michael Ironside joining the Cast of ‘Gateway to the West’?

Yes, it has been officially announced (source IMDb) that Eric Roberts and Michael Ironside are joining the Cast of ‘Gateway to the West’. 

Other Cast of ‘Gateway to the West’?

Considering the IMDb announcement, the cast of the upcoming 2023 series has already been revealed. as per the leaks, it is the official confirmation regarding its starting members of the upcoming season. The cast list are stacked with incredible cast members. Similarly, we may undoubtedly anticipate that the series will be fun to watch. 

Here is the list of cast members to be seen in the coming season. 

  • Ray Stevenson as Cesareane
  • Eric Roberts as Captain Akos
  • Michael Ironside as Narrator
  • Christopher Lambert as Mihaly
  • David Schofield as Sycardius
  • Neil Stuke as Commander Simon
  • Genevieve Florence as Uulan
  • Raha Rahbari as Scepa
  • Jeremy Neumark Jones as Eusebius
  • Tam Williams as Bacso
  • Thomas Raft as Commander Simon’s Guard
  • Taz Singh as Kuman Warrior
  • Farid Elouardi as Csikasz
  • András Stohl as Kangar, the scarface
  • László Mátray as IV.Béla magyar király
  • Tserenbold Tsegmid as Negun – The Shaman
  • Sukhee Ariunbyamba as Prince Buri
  • Bold Choimbol as Batu Khan
  • Battogtokh Ravdan as Lawman

‘Gateway to the West’ Trailer?

As of now, there’s been no official confirmation about the trailer of the ‘Gateway to the West’ is put. That being said, the trailer isn’t released now. And it won’t be out any time soon.

The trailer generally comes out one or two months before the actual release of the show. You can expect the trailer to be released a month before the concrete arrival of the show. Until then, stay tuned more for information and updates!


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