Engage Kiss Season 2: Know more about premiere date, cast members, plot and more!

The romantic comedy anime Engage Kiss made its debut in July, 2022 and was received extremely well by the audience and the critics. Unlike other anime series, Engage Kiss was not based on any pre-published material. The romantic comedy anime fulfilled its agenda and became a huge hit among the audience. The 13-episode-long season one garnered a wide number of fans across the globe who are extremely excited to watch the second installment of the series. 


However, the romantic drama has not yet received a green light for season 2. It is expected that the official confirmation might drop soon and fans should be on the lookout for it. 


Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date 


The makers of Engage Kiss have not yet announced an official date for the premiere of Engage Kiss Season 2. After its successful finale episode, fans are hungry for the upcoming storyline and cannot wait for the second season to be launched. 


It is expected that the second season might hit the streaming platforms somewhere in 2023 or 2024. Hope for the best!


Engage Kiss Season 2 Plotline 


Since there has been no concrete announcement regarding the Engage Kiss Season 2 premiere, we also don’t know what the storyline or plot will look like. 


The first season of Engage Kiss saw the intimate romance and storyline between the two leads Shu and Kisara. The couple managed to fight all the challenges that were thrown at them. Kisara supported Shu throughout their romance and fans are only expected to see more of their onscreen chemistry and romance in the future and upcoming episodes. 


The season one finale of the romantic anime series has given the fans a hope to see emerging storylines in the upcoming season. Furthermore, the ending of season one has also left many open-ended questions in the minds of the audience. One can only expect to find the answers to these questions in the second season of Engage Kiss. 


Fans will be thrilled to see the couple of Shu and Kisara save their city by fighting the monsters and also maintain their romantic relationship while doing the same. It is still very premature for fans to predict what will unfold in the second season but one thing is for sure that the Engage Kiss season 2 will be filled with romance, drama, mystery, thrill and action. 


Engage Kiss Season 2 Cast Members 


It is expected that the lead cast members Soma Saito (voicing Shu Ogata), and Saya Aiwaza (voicing Kisara) are expected to return for the second season of the romantic anime drama. Furthermore, Lynn (voicing Ayano Yugiri) and Akeno Watanabe (voicing Akino Yūgiri) might also get together for the second season. 


Engage Kiss Season 2 Trailer 


Makers have not yet made an official announcement regarding the premiere date or the season release date for Engage Kiss Season 2. Hence, fans should understand that it might still take some time for the trailer to get released. Till then, stay tuned with us to receive more updates about the same!

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