Engage Kiss Season 2: When will it release and what to expect?

Like other anime series, Engage Kiss is not based on pre-published material such as a light novel or manga. It made its debut in July 2022 and was received well by fans and critics alike. With the release of its finale, fans have been eagerly looking ahead to more episodes of the romantic comedy anime. Disappointingly, the anime has not received an official confirmation just yet. But you should hold out a little hope because Engage Kiss has still a possibility of a return. On that optimistic note, here is what we know about Engage Kiss season two from the release date to cast to the possible storyline:

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release date: When might it be dropped?

The anime series should get the go-ahead before we get an idea about its release. Moreover, the studio associated with the anime is working on several different projects, thus a second installment is unlikely at this moment. 

However, assuming there is a renewal announcement of S2, fans could not see it even before 2024 or early 2025, at the earliest. 

Engage Kiss is available to stream on Crunchyroll. Season one is 13 episodes long, and keeping this pattern in mind, it is safe to anticipate that part two will be at least this episode length.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Spoliers and Season 2 Anticipated Storyline

The first installment saw the intimate bond of Shu and Kisara despite the challenges that came their way. Kisara has supported Shu with his finances and his demon extermination business throughout the season. She was the one who could fight Kanna with the immense course. Viewers would wish to see more of their onscreen romance in the future batch of episodes. The finale episode of Season one has left many open-ended questions lingering. However, with Kanna free from the demon boss, and living with Shuu and Kisara in their apartment, things are anything but simpler. Further, Ayano’s presence at Shuu’s place made the closing scene end on a hopeful note, which could serve as the basis of future plotlines or give continuation to the Engage franchise to which the anime belongs. 

Season one has left plenty of room for future plot development. It will be a delight to see Kisara and Ogane Shu saving the city from new monsters while being true to their feelings for one another. It is too early to predict what will happen in a potential season two. But we assume that it will be equal parts mystery, drama, and adventure much like its predecessor. 

Engage Kiss Season two Cast: Who might be in it?

Tomoya Tanaka spearheaded Engage Kiss as the director while. A-1 Footage Studio produced the anime.

If season two happens, the original VA will likely bring our old favorite back to our screens. With that, we expect Soma Saito (who voices Shu Ogata), Saya Aiwaza (Kisara), Lynn, who voiced AyanoYugiri, and Akeno Watanabe, the voice of AkinoYūgiri coming together for another hit season. 

 Engage Kiss Season two Trailer: Where to watch it?

There is no formal word on Engage Kiss’s part two at the time of writing this. Therefore, a trailer for the anime is a long way off. 

Stay tuned for more. 

A Follow-up Mobile Game- Engage Kill is in the works

We have good news for the anime fans as a sequel in the form of a mobile game is underway. Square Enix officially announced it in April 2024. The Engage Kill game will be compatible with Android and iOS devices. Thus, the fans have something to look forward to. 

We shall keep you updated on any developments in Engage Kiss season two. So, keep checking with us. To be safe, bookmark this page, and don’t miss out on any updates on your favorite anime series.

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