Emily In Paris Season 4: Release date, Cast, and Plot

We’re already very much excited for the return of the Netflix hit series “Emily in Paris” third season which is set to be released on the TV screens this December. And while many are looking forward to the third season, we’re also curious about whether or not there’ll be the fourth outing. 


For those who don’t know, season four was renewed along with season 3 in January 2022. But the sad news is, the fourth installment could be the show’s final outing or it could go on for more seasons.


Speaking to EW, series creator Darren Star when interviewed whether the forthcoming two seasons, which were filmed this summer in France, were an indication that Emily’s tale may be reaching a natural conclusion. Showrunner and cast members were pretty much open about their opinions of the program’s future.


“I think we’ll see how we do with season 4,” Star gave a witty reply. “But right now, there aren’t plans to wrap up after season 4.”


“I would totally go the distance if they would have us,” series star Lily Collins added. “People want to keep seeing more Emily and all the characters in Paris or wherever we end up. I am in it for the long haul.”


Ashley Park further added: “I remember me and Lily calling each other when we got the two seasons and I was like, ‘Wait, so we’re gonna do as many seasons as we’ve already done?’ And Lily was like, ‘I think that’s how math works.’ I’m just so thrilled to go back, I feel like Paris is a second home to me now, so just getting to go back is such a blessing and I feel like we’ll see where it takes us.”


Read on to find out more about Emily in Paris Season 4.


Emily in Paris Season 4 Release Date


A fourth season was renewed in January 2022. Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for the new season and there’s no concrete information either. The third season is set to be out on December 21, 2022. So we’re guessing the fourth season may air sometime in 2023.


The Cast & Characters of Emily in Paris Season 4


The cast members expected to reprise their roles in the 4th includes all the main characters which includes–


  • Lily Collins in the role of Emily Cooper

  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu will be back as Sylvie

  • Ashley Park in the character of Mindy Chen

  • Lucas Bravo will return as Gabriel

  • Samuel Arnold will play his role Julien

  • Bruno Gouery will be back as Luc

  • Camille Razat in the character of Camille

  • William Abadie will reprise his role as Antoine Lambert 

  • Lucien Laviscount in the role of Alfie


In addition, fans are also expected to see new characters in season four of Emily in Paris.


Emily in Paris Season 4 Plot


Plot details for season 4 Emily in Paris are not known at all the fact that a third season of the series is still yet to air. 


Moreover, the fourth season will most probably be the final outing so the story will continue from where season three ended bringing Emily’s story to a natural finish.

Emily of Paris Season 3 premieres on Netflix on December 21, 2022.

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