Electric Dreams Season 2: Release date, Cast, and more news

Electric Dreams premiered in September 2017 to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. It ran across ten stand-alone episodes till March 2018, and since then, series fans have not heard any specifics about ist season two. While it is said that Sony Pictures Television had plans to keep the series running for a long time, its official broadcasting partner, Amazon Prime pulled the trigger on the series. And it’s been four ages precisely since we saw the season one’s finale. So, is it still possible to bring back the series or is it dead already? We have got the answer below. So, make sure you stick by the end of this blog as we unveil essential deets about Electric Dreams Season two, casting information, plot details, and more:

What’s the launch date of Electric Dreams Season two?

There is no word on when the series will arrive for a second run. In that case, we are left to a guessing game. Earlier reports suggested that season two of Electric Dreams will be out by 2021. However, it seems that as of now, the series is not yet picked by Amazon or any other network. That said, the series’ future remains in the dark.

Season one of Electric Dreams is available for streaming on the streaming service provider, Amazon Prime. You may rewatch its previous episodes if you have the streamer’s monthly/annual subscription. 

Electric dreams Season two’s plotline

Electric Dreams do not have a definite storyline. Every episode tells a new story with new characters, and thus there is no close relation between the plot. Nevertheless, they are inspired by the literary works of Philip K. Dick. K. Dick was a brilliant American writer who has 44 books and 122 short stories to his credit. Every episode of season one borrows content from the writer’s anthology. Thus, if season two gets the go-ahead, there seems to be an endless supply of material to adapt. 

Additionally, given its anthology theme, it is not easy to predict its future plot. But it is safe to say that they will include Dick’s bibliography.

Electric Dreams Season two Casting details

As aforesaid, we have no casting details for season two of Electric Dreams. Nevertheless, season two will feature no familiar characters or cast members considering the show’s unique format.

Season one starred a slew of talented cast members in addition to a myriad supporting cast. It is composed of many prominent actors such as Richard Madden, Game of Thrones fame, Breaking Bad lead, Bryan Cranston, and Anna Paquin from True Blood among others.

Ronald D. Moore has co-created these series alongside Michael Dinner. While Lynn Horsford, Rupert Ryle-Hodges, and Dan Witch are the creative minds behind the production. It’s not clear yet whether these folks will return for another season or not. 

Sony Television Pictures acquired the rights to the series after AMC pulled out. It was in February 2017 that Sony came onboard as the distribution network of the show.

Electric Dreams Season two Trailer: When is it releasing?

Since the series is neither canceled nor renewed, we are holding out hope that a trailer will be out sooner than later. So, keep checking with us for more information about Electric Dreams Season two. 

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