Dug Days season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot and updates

Dug Days is a comedy series of shorts for kids. It follows the humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s “Up.” Each short features everyday events that occur in Dug’s backyard, all through the exciting (and slightly distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog.

The first season of Dug Days was undoubtedly rather contentious and gave many things to say on social networks, such as Instagram or Twitter. Now that its audience has skyrocketed for this reason, the new season will address the same issues.

Will Dug Days be renewed for season 2 or cancelled?

Dug Days is a highly recommended and immensely popular show for kids. It has received amazing response from both audiences and critics. Dug’s easy-peasy distractions and his adventures, everything’s fantastic! 

Talking about its renewal, we are certain that Dug Days season 2 will be happening!  Except that it has not renewed yet at the moment but surely, sometime soon. The reviews and ratings were impeccable and the show will definitely receive the green light for a second season. However, as of now, the makers haven’t made any official renewal announcements. 

Dug Days season 2 release date: When’s the show scheduled to premiere?

The first season of Dug Days was released on September 1, 2021, on Disney Plus. It had a total of 5 episodes. As aforesaid, no renewal announcements have been made for a potential Season 2 of Dug Days. We will have to wait a few weeks before there are official renewal announcements. 

If successful, it is highly likely that a Dug Days Season 2 will emerge. However, animation series generally take a long time to create. With an upcoming renewal, the season 2 release date of Dug Days on Disney Plus is expected to be around 2023. If the makers release an official statement, we will update it here. Stay tuned! How

Many Episodes Are There So Far in Dug Days?

Dug Days have produced one season which has a total of five episodes with a runtime of 6 to 9 minutes each. The list of episodes for season one are:


  • Episode 1: Squirrel

  • Episode 2: Puppies 

  • Episode 3: Smell

  • Episode 4: Flowers 

  • Episode 5: Science

The series is created by Bob Peterson and is executive produced by Pete Docter and Mark Nielsen. Serving as the series producer is Kim Collins with Torbin Xan Bullock, who served as the editor while its composers are Andrea Datzman and

Curtis Green. The series production company is Pixar Animation Studios. Dug Days was originally aired through Disney plus.

Currently, nothing is known if the next season will also have the same number of episodes since nothing has been revealed by the producer yet but season two of Dug Days will likely consist of the same number of episodes as its predecessor.

Dug Days season 2 cast: Who’s going to be in it?

We expect the return of almost all the animated characters for season 2 of Dug Days. Because there hasn’t been any formal announcements, we do not know anything for sure. But you can expect these characters to be featured in the second season: 

  • Bob Peterson as Dug
  • Edward Asner as Carl Fredricksen
  • Jordan Nagai (unused archival recordings) as Russell
  • Neketia Henry as Neighbor
  • Simon Helberg as Squirrel
  • Jeff Pidgeon as Fly
  • Sarayu Blue as Bird
  • Heather Eisner as Snail
  • Moon Choe as Russell’s mother

Dug Days season 2 plot: What to expect from the storyline further?

Dug quickly became a fan favorite of the movie, and Disney announced that they would be making a Dug series featuring the beloved pooch, exclusively for Disney + and that moment has arrived. Dug is known for his easy distractions, especially when it comes to a “squirrel.”

Peterson is once again the spokesperson and director of the series, who follows the “talking” dog on his adventures after the events of La-Haut. As for the plot for season 2, the showrunners are yet to make an official release. Because there haven’t been any potential updates, we cannot predict the storyline further. Stay connected with us for more updates!

How many episodes will season 2 of Dug Days have?

The previous season of Dug Days had a total of 5 episodes. Thus, if the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, season 2 will also comprise 5 episodes. However, there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet. 

Is the trailer for Dug Days season 2 out?

So far there’s no trailer for Dug Days season 2. You can expect it to be released after the show has been officially renewed. For the time being, watch the Dug Days season 1 trailer down below!

Where to watch Dug Days?

You may watch the series Dug Days on Disney + Hotstar. 

Will there be a season 3 of Dug Days?

As of now, season 2 of the series Dug Days hasn’t been renewed. Hence, there’s no update about Dug Days season 3!


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