Dragons: The Nine Realms season 4 – Release date, Cast, Plot, and updates

Developed by Henry Gilroy, ‘Dragons: The Nine Realms’ is an American animated sci-fi adventure TV series in the ‘How to Train Your Dragon universe that is being produced by DreamWorks Animation under DreamWorks Animation Television for Hulu and Peacock. 


The series is penned by Emma Dudley, Henry Gilroy, Mae Catt, Mark Henry, and John Tellegen and helmed by Robert Briggs alongside Mandy Clotworthy, Andrew Collins, and Leo Riley. It features the voices of Jeremy Shada, Ashley Liao, Marcus Scribner, Aimee Garcia, Julia Stiles, Lauren Tom, Keston John, Pavar Snipe, Justina Machado, and D’arcy Carden.


‘Dragons: The Nine Realms’ has so far launched two seasons in total with the third season scheduled for August 2022. So when is the fourth season coming out? Read the article till the end for further details. 


Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4: Is it Confirmed or Cancelled?


Currently, there is no official update concerning a fourth season of the series. It’s most likely that the show makers will announce the fourth installment after the anticipated third season premieres. So for now let’s patiently wait for the arrival of season 3 and see how the show makers decide to take it forward. 


Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4 Release Date: When is it?


The first season of Dragons: The Nine Realms was published on December 23, 2021, on the original network Hulu and Peacock. The second season was released on May 5, 2022. The third season came out on August 18, 2022.

It hasn’t been that long since the third season was launched and, understandably, fans are quite anxious about what’s coming next or whether the popular animated series would be back for more in the future. Well, to put it straight, it will probably take a while since both seasons 1 & 2 were released just over three months apart in the same year. 

In May 2022, speaking to ComingSoon’s Jeff Ames, Hair and Grooming animator specialist Victor J. Garza explained his experience on Dragons: The Nine Realms and was also asked if he had any future projects coming up to fill them in. 

Ames said, “At the same time that we were hard at work on Dragons: The Nine Realms, we were also working on a new show from the world of Kung Fu Panda called Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. Where Dragons had us working on cool human hairdos, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight kicks it up a notch and had us taking on fully furred characters. Fur is a different challenge that keeps my grooming skills well-rounded.”

So yes, it’s most likely that season 4 will only arrive between mid to late 2023. 

The Cast of DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4


The following cast members are expected to return if a fourth season is renewed which includes–


  • Jeremy Shada as the voice of Tom Kullersen

  • Ashley Liao voices Jun Wong

  • Marcus Scribner voices D’Angelo Baker

  • Aimee Garcia voices Alexandra Gonzalez

  • D’Arcy Carden voices Linda

  • Carrie Keranen voices Wilma Sledkin

  • Haley Joel Osment voices Leonard Brine/Buzzsaw

  • Keston John voices Philip Baker

  • Pavar Snipe voices Angela Baker

  • Justina Machado voices Carla Gonzalez

  • Angelique Cabral voices Hazel Gonzalez

  • Julia Stiles voices Olivia Kullersen

  • Lauren Tom voices May Wong

  • Vincent Tong voices Eugene Wong

  • Christian Lanz voices Winston

  • Mark Mercado voices Dood


Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4 Plot: What to expect?


Because there are no details about the fourth season, nothing is known, and since the third season is still yet to be aired, we’ll have to wait and see what happens and how it paves the way for the next season. 


The official synopsis for Dragons: The Nine Realms season 3 reads: “The discovery of the Fire Realm poses a challenge as the Dragon Riders struggle to traverse it safely. Meanwhile, the unhinged Buzzsaw is on the lookout for a mysterious “Lightning Bird” making it harder to keep dragons a secret. Tom, Jun, D’Angelo, and Alex face off against the most powerful dragon they’ve ever encountered in a high-stakes mission to save the Crystal Realm. And much to everyone’s chagrin, Jun’s pesky, nosey brother is coming uncomfortably close to learning what happens in Dragon Club.”



Stay tuned for more!

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