Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release date, Confirmed, Cast & Plot

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release date, Confirmed, Cast & Plot

Japanese manga and anime series is set to make a comeback with season 2. The initial series was a sequel to the original dragon ball manga. The story has been written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by toyotarou.

dragon ball season 2

The television series was directed by Kimitoshi chioka and was produced by Atsushi kido. Season one of the series received a positive response from the critics and the viewers. The anime several accolades, which include Crunchyroll anime awards for best continuing series, best fight scene for two consecutive years. The massive popularity of the show is one of the reasons why it might make a comeback with season two.


Dragon Ball Super

(Doragon Bōru Sūpā)

  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Martial arts
Written by Akira Toriyama
Illustrated by Toyotarou
Published by Shueisha
English publisher NA

Viz Media

Imprint Jump Comics
Magazine V Jump
Demographic Shōnen
Original run June 20, 2015 – present
Volumes 18 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by
  • Kimitoshi Chioka (#1–46)
  • Morio Hatano (#28–76)
  • Kōhei Hatano (#47–76)
  • Tatsuya Nagamine (#77–131)
  • Ryōta Nakamura (#77–131)
Produced by
  • Atsushi Kido (#1–76)
  • Osamu Nozaki (#1–46)
  • Naoko Sagawa (#1–27)
  • Tomosuke Teramoto (#28–76)
  • Satoru Takami (#47–131)
  • Shunki Hashizume (#77–131)
  • Hiroyuki Sakurada (#77–131)
Written by
  • Akira Toriyama (head writer)
  • Yoshifumi Fukushima
  • King Ryu
  • Yoshitaka Toshio
  • Makoto Koyama
  • Atsuhiro Tomioka
Music by Norihito Sumitomo
Studio Toei Animation
Licensed by Funimation


Bang Zoom! Entertainment

Original network FNS (Fuji TV)
English network AU



Cartoon Network








Adult Swim (Toonami)


Cartoon Network, SABC 2

Original run July 5, 2015 – March 25, 2018
Episodes 131 (List of episodes)
Anime films
  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022)

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date

Season one of the anime series was aired on Fuji TV on July 5, 2015. Season one featured 131 episodes which were concluded on March 25, 2018. Fans of the anime series have been waiting for a long for the renewal of season 2. The wait of the fans ended when Toei animation announced the making of dragon ball super movie.

dragon ball

As per the animation company, the anime movie would be premiering by 2022. Although there has been no announcement regarding the making of season two, if it is made, it is likely t be released within a year or two. Since the first dragon ball super film did well, the spin-off saga is likely to receive positive reviews as well. As for season two, it would be debuting on April 2023 with around 60 episodes, quite lesser episodes compared to the first season.

 In a conversation on the official Dragon Ball Website, a crew member of the Toei Animation (Philippines) Florence Jay Dominguito did say a thing or two about the continuation of the Super anime series.  

“As a fan, I’m really looking forward to new movies and merchandise,” they remarked. “I’m also excited about the new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super.”

They might have misinterpreted it, but it sounds like there are plenty more Dragon Ball Super on our way.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we hear any official news. (Updated 24/11/2022)

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Cast

Season one of the series features sean Schemmel voicing Goku, Christopher R. Sabat voicing Vegeta, Jason Douglas voicing Beerus, Ian Sinclair voicing Whis, and Sonny Strait voicing Krillin. 

Dragon ball

As per season 2, no official confirmation has been yet given for the cast. Expectations are that the cast from season one would be making a comeback. If season two showcases a fresh story, then new characters and voiceover artists would be seen joining the team.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Plot

Season one of the anime series revolved around a tournament of power arcs. Although there had been no episodes after 2018, the manga has several interesting plots. If season 2 is made, then it would witness two additional arcs.

dragon ball

If you want spoilers do continue ahead at your own risk. 


As per the story  in the manga, the forthcoming season unlocks a new period of Dragon Ball, which will bring about another ferocious villain. The new arc begins with a view where the audience can glimpse Universe 7 teaches warriors to get mightier and more powerful. In the following season, Goku and the others encounter a Galactic Patrol representative who exacts Moro’s tale, the Planet-eater. 


About 10 million years ago, a vicious baddie arrived in space that eradicated the planets and turned them into lifeless stars to drain their life source. Once all the power of 320 worlds is drained, Supreme Kai swaps most of his godly strength and prevails in locking Moro’s power. The audience believes that Moro still had a significant portion of combat mastership in him.


However, Moro was punished to life detention after he was surrendered to galactic patrol. Regardless, it appears that he has successfully fled, and is being searched by the galactic patrol to bring back to the detention centre. Hearing Moro’s tale, Goku gets eager to meet Moro. Along with Vegeta, they both get involved in the hunt for Moro who escaped.  After some wild adventures, they finally receive a message stating that Moro’s whereabouts has been discovered. Goku then attempts to track him, but is there anyone who could outsmart Moro? It looks like Moro knew all along about Vegeta and Goku before they could detect him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode List

Arc Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Prison Planet 6 July 1, 2018 December 22, 2018
Universal Conflict 13 January 10, 2019 January 9, 2020
Dark King Mechikabura 1 February 23, 2020
Universe Creation 11 March 5, 2020 February 25, 2021
Special I 1 November 15, 2020
New Space-Time War 8 March 17, 2021 December 18, 2021
Supreme Kai of Time 3 February 23, 2022 TBA

List of Dragon Ball Super Awards

2017 Crunchyroll Anime Awards:

  • Best Continuing Series – Dragon Ball Super – Nominated

2018 Crunchyroll Anime Awards

  • Best Fight Scene (Presented by Capcom) – Jiren vs. Goku – Nominated
  • Best Continuing Series (Presented by VRV) – Dragon Ball Super – Winner

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Trailer


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