Dr. Stone Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Sci-fi anime can be a lot more complicated than you think but at the same time, this very genre captivates the hearts of the audience. 

Dr. Stone is a Japanese Science Fiction anime that came out in 2019 has a lot of interesting characters and a unique storyline. Of course, our boy Senku stands out the most and he is known as the super genius when it comes to scientific knowledge and stuff.

The title Dr. Stone may not belong to the main protagonist but in the anime realm, Senku is one of the most likeable heroes mainly because of his charisma and witty personality. 

Purely based on the manga, Dr.Stone follows a science wizard Senku Ishigami, who hopes to restore civilization after the whole population was strangely petrified by an unknown occurrence for as long as 3700 years. 

As a science wizard, Senku has plenty of scientific proficiency to revive the rest of humanity from the stone age era to the tech era in an awfully short amount of time. You’d also be surprised to learn that this anime scientific process is very accurate to the point where even experts find it quite impressive, let alone viewers from around the world as well. 

With two incredible seasons, fans are now very much eager to know about the prospect of the sci-fi adventure series. Well, here’s what we know about it!

Dr. Stone Season 3: Is It Happening?

Yes, fans can now stop being a worrywart because the third series is finally happening though we kind of saw it coming. 

On March 25, 2021, just after the end of the second season, it was announced that Dr. Stone will return with another sequel. What’s more pleasing to anime freaks than learning about this exciting piece of great news right? Our Otaku Mode surely reached its peak!

Apparently, fans of Dr. Stone has been keeping track of the time for the return of the anime series and it’s quite understandable since Dr. Stone has managed to enthral a massive amount of fans from around the world with its superb performance and engaging storyline packed with unthinkable scientific technicalities. 

It’s been months since the second season aired but the amount of love received from the fans is still increasing each day. Many fans of Dr. Stones have certified it as binge-worthy.

Dr. Stone Release Date: When Is It Coming Out? 

Dr. Stone is considered a top-rated anime series that is created by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The anime has two super fun seasons. The first season was released on July 5, 2019, with a total of 24 episodes followed by the second season released on January 14, 2021, comprising 11 episodes. So overall it has 35 episodes so far. 

As far as the third season is concerned, the official release date is yet to be provided. However, the third instalment will likely be dropped in April 2023. Fans can expect a news update from the creators very soon.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Cast: Who Will Be In It?

As per information, the major characters as appeared in the first and second seasons are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming third series of Dr. Stone. This means we’ll get to see some of our beloved characters including—

Yuusuke Kobayashi will voice (as Senkuu Ishigami)

Gen Satou will voice (as Chrome)

Karin Takahashi will voice (as Suika)

Kengo Kawanishi will voice (as Asagiri Gen)

Furukawa Makoto will voice (as Taiju Ooki)

Yuuichi Nakamura will voice (as Tsukasa Shishiou)

Kana Ichinose will voice (as Yuzuriha)

Mugihiyo will voice (as Kaseki)

Manani Numakura will voice (as Kohaku)

Of course, we can also expect to see new characters in the upcoming season.

Source Matertials for Season 3 of Dr. Stone

When you think or hear about a new season, the first thing that most non-manga readers come to their mind is whether or not the manga series has enough chapters to cover a whole new season because to produce another season, you gotta have plenty of source materials. Well, fortunately, that is the case for “Dr.Stone” and the good news is it looks like it is not going to take that long till we finally get to see the new episodes. And oh we have another great news for you– this anime series is likely to produce a couple of more seasons which means the upcoming third season won’t be the last but we have more to look forward to. Indeed, this is such great news. Yaay! 

Dr. Stone Season 3: Plot

The Manga is ongoing since 2017. If you’re curious to know about the third season you can go ahead and read the manga. Speaking with News Network, author Riichiro Inagaki stated, “So as far as the end, I’m not sure and that’s not necessarily about the story. We have a general idea of how the story will end itself but as we’ve gone along this journey, sometimes it’s three steps forward, two steps back… but I definitely want to see it to the end. What I can definitely promise is that I would never stretch it out just for the sake of business.” 

Dr. Stone may not continue like One Piece, Naruto (Boruto: Next Generations) or the Dragon Ball series but we assure you that the third season won’t be the end of this popular sci-fi series so the fans can rest easy for now. Moreover, the exploration adventure is just about to begin for Senku and his group!

Dr. Stone Season 3: Trailer

The trailer/teaser is out. You can have a glimpse of the upcoming third season below:

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