Dr. Romantic Season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

K-drama has a separate fan following globally. Dr. Romantic, the South Korean television series is no different. First aired in 2016 on the SBS network, the show garnered positive reviews from viewers worldwide. Its popularity got it renewed for a second season, which was dropped in 2021. Since then, the fans are wondering if the hit K-drama series will return for a third installment. Some reports suggest that SBS is already in discussions about the third part of Dr. Romantic. So, could we expect a piece of good news soon? To find this and more about Dr. Romantic, stick with us till the end. 

Will There Be a Season 3 of Dr. Romantic?

Following the super success of the second season, it looks like  ‘Dr. Romantic’ season 3 is highly expected to return with a new season.


The South Korean drama series ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ saw enormous popularity while the season was still airing, exceeding 27% in viewership in its finale. In an interview with Kim Min Jae who plays Park Eun-tak expressed “I was shocked too, “All of the actors were surprised after seeing the viewership ratings. It doesn’t feel real. I’m also waiting for season three. I had so much fun filming, so I felt really sad at the end. I was contacted by many people during this drama. My middle school teacher contacted me, my parents enjoyed it, and I received free drinks when I went to restaurants.”


Talking about his decision to star in part 2 of ‘Dr. Romantic 2,’ the actor described, “I was a young adult when I was filming season one. I learned so much while filming this drama. I had thoughts about an actor as a job, but this drama taught me how to live and what is great. It was such a good memory for me while filming this project. When I heard the news of production for a second season, I wanted to do it no matter what because it’s a drama that gave me good inspiration. I feel so happy that I was able to participate,” he added. 


When is Dr. Romantic Season 3 getting premiered?

There is an official statement regarding the airing date of season three although a new season was confirmed and is said to be discussion as per reported by SBS. So if we go by the reports, season third of Dr. Romantic will begin production by the last quarter of 2021. Therefore, season three will be due for airing in winter of 2022, at the least.

Season one of the medical drama series had a run time of 60 minutes while the sequel included a run time of 70 minutes. So, it is assumed that season three might adhere to a similar format.

What is the Plot of Dr. Romantic Season 3?

Season one was a smash hit because of several factors like the performances and the plot. Dr. Romantic Part 2 was equally loved by the fans. Dr. Romantic follows the story of Boo Yong-Joo, a top certified surgeon, whose life goes upside down after a tragic happening. Boo takes up a job at Doldom hospital, with a new identity, Kim Sa-bu. In season one, Kim is the beloved teacher of Kang Dong-Joo and Yoon Seo-Jeong. 

Season two introduced new characters- Seo Woo-Jin and Cha Eun-Jae to the audience with a fresh storyline. Given that the series is still under the wraps, predicting the future set of events is difficult. But certainly, Kim will live up to the expectations of his fans and present another outstanding performance. It would be interesting to know how the story shapes after the events of Season Two. Stay tuned for more. 

Who is the lead and supporting Cast of Dr. Romantic Season 3?

To evoke the curiosity of the fans, the creators have not given out any hints about the cast of Dr. Romantic Season three. Nevertheless, Han Suk-kyu will make a comeback in the third season as well. Han Suk-kyu will reprise his role as Kim Sa-bu and will be joined by other supporting casts like Cha Eun-Jae. As the season progresses, some new characters will also appear other than the familiar faces. But nothing is known about the additions to the cast yet. 

If the show could bring back the old cast, then it will be an interesting story altogether. Without any specifics, the information relating to the cast of season 3 remains a secret. 

We are as much excited as you about Season 3 of Dr. Romantic. Tell us via comments which is your favorite character from Dr. Romantic. Watch this space for more from the entertainment world. 


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