Dr.Neinstein NYC: Changing Lives One Surgery At a Time

New York is one of the world’s plastic surgery hotspots, with many highly regarded clinics and surgeons sprinkled throughout the city that never sleeps. One is Dr. Neinstein, the founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery, a clinic in Manhattan’s iconic Bergdorf Goodman building.


When selecting a plastic surgeon, several factors influence the patient’s decision. Like other major life decisions, patients often make their selection with purpose-driven, hyper-specialized practices in mind. Older practices in which the surgeon performs many procedures have a paternalistic approach and lack passion for a specific procedure are becoming obsolete. 


The world is seeing this reality ring true in Manhattan’s upper east side, where moms from around the world travel to Dr. Neinstein NYC for all their post-baby tucks.


Available Procedures


Before patients book their treatment, they must first schedule a consultation with Dr. Neinstein or one of his associate surgeons, who will personally assess the patient and their surgical expectations. The consultation provides an opportunity for the surgeon to explain the procedure. It also allows Dr. Neinstein to better understand the patient’s needs.


Neinstein Plastic Surgery, unlike many other plastic surgery clinics, focuses on two main areas: breast and body. Focusing on these two areas enables the surgical team to provide mothers with the best possible advice, care, and surgical quality while ensuring they are ready to return to their motherly duties as quickly as possible.




Dr. Neinstein and his colleagues use liposuction as one method to help change mothers’ lives. By working with patients committed to a healthy lifestyle, the surgical team aims to help these mothers remove stubborn areas of fat with advanced liposuction, or it can undo the physical changes to the body caused by pregnancy with various types of tummy tucks. Dr. Neinstein is one of only a few surgeons who perform mini and reverse tummy tucks on thin and fit patients after pregnancy and do not require traditional procedures.


Breast Surgery


Neinstein Plastic Surgery also specializes in breast surgery, assisting patients in improving the appearance of their breasts and gaining confidence in their bodies. For mommy makeovers, breast augmentation includes reconstructing and augmenting and reducing. Breast augmentation may consider an increase in the size of the breasts by using implants or transferring fat from other parts of the body. Alternatively, patients may opt for breast reduction surgery to remove fat from the breasts and make them smaller. Overall, these procedures aim to help mothers feel more at ease and restore their confidence pre-baby. 


Dr. Neinstein has since recruited the equally amazing Dr. Anna Steve as the research and clinical breast surgery leader in his clinic.


Changing the Lives of Mothers Everywhere


Many mothers agree that although they loved their bodies for allowing them to give birth to beautiful children, they were also embarrassed by their physical appearance. It is not unusual for mothers to suffer long-term physical and cosmetic consequences such as loose skin, deflated and sagging breasts, core muscle separation, and stubborn fat deposits across their bodies. Neinstein has since created the “mommy makeover” that caters to these women by offering a variety of innovative, life-changing procedures dubbed “mommy makeovers.”


The medical community defines the mommy makeover procedure as a series of cosmetic surgeries that can help women regain the tone, shape, and body appearance they had before childbirth. Medical professionals have since recommended these procedures to women who feel stuck and lackluster and may require a change.


As a result, many mothers have found the procedure life-changing as they now have bodies that they feel confident in.


Meet Dr. Neinstein 


Dr. Neinstein NYC has been one of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States since 2012. While many surgeons in the city provide a variety of services, few have the level of hyper-focused expertise that Neinstein has. Dr. Neinstein passionately contributes to academic research through journal articles on safety, textbook chapters on technique, and all-encompassing masterclass sessions. His overarching goal is to generously share the knowledge he has gained from the herculean number of cases he has handled.


At present, Dr. Neinstein remains a member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery society in the United States and has numerous publications in journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. He also wrote the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s Safety and Procedural Guidelines for Liposuction Surgeons.


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