Don’t Breathe 3: Everything We Know So Far

Don’t Breathe 3, Is it Coming?


Don’t Breathe has now become a franchise following the success of the first movie and a sequel to the original. Directed and produced by Fede Alvarez and co-produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tabert, and with Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues as co-writers the movie “Don’t Breathe” was released in 2016. It stars Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, and directs on the trio of friends who get caught up inside while breaking into a blind man’s residence. The movie was produced by Good Universe and Good House Pictures and published by Sony Pictures Releasing.

Don’t Breathe aired at South by Southwest on 12th March 2016, and was released on the big screens only on 26th August 2016. The movie collected $157 million at the box office and earned great reviews from the audience and critics alike who applauded the performances, visuals, narration, and stressful atmosphere. 

After the box office success of the original movie, discussions about a possible sequel surfaced way back in November 2016, with Alvarez all set to return as the director for the sequel. In January 2020, the project was confirmed by the studio, with Rodo Sayagues as the director instead of Alvarez and Stephen Lang returning to play his role as the blind man. 

Don’t Breathe 2 hit the big screens in the US on 13th August 2021 distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. The sequel managed to collect $47.2 million across the globe against a budget of $15 million and mixed reactions from the audience and critics. Although the second movie wasn’t as impressive as the first one, Don’t Breathe 2’s ending leaves an opening for another film. Here’s what we know regarding Don’t Breathe 3.

Don’t Breathe 3: Is it Happening?

It’s unknown if a third movie of Don’t Breathe will happen since Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films haven’t been confirmed yet. But both the previous directors Fede Albarez who helmed the first movie and Rodo Sayagyes who helmed the second movie have reflected their eagerness in resuming the story ahead. The prospect of Don’t Breathe 3 will likely determine how the second movie serves financially. But if we have to be honest, the original movie did a much better job than the sequel and in terms of box office collection as well. So, we may have to wait for some time till we get an official statement from the filmmakers regarding the third movie.

Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

If Don’t Breathe 3 happens, it is difficult to predict when the movie could be aired. It took five long years for Sayagues and Alvarez to come up with the second movie of Don’t Breathe. However, the good news is, this time around, the studios definitely wouldn’t take time for Don’t Breathe 3. The earliest we can expect for the third movie to arrive is sometime in 2023. 

Don’t Breathe 3 Cast: Who Will Return?

As for the cast of Don’t Breathe 3, we can expect to see the old casts as appeared in the previous two films. This means Stephen Lang will return as the Blind man for another movie and joining him will most likely be Jane Levy as Rocky. It’s also possible that Grace could return and play her role as Phoenix. If not, Don’t Breathe 3 will bring in a whole new cast to the franchise. 

The plot of Don’t Breathe 3: What Could Possibly Happen

Plot details have been revealed or been discussed yet but the third movie likely could take off in many directions. Also knowing that the previous film left an opening for a possible sequel, it could start a new story from there. Fans are dying to see Rocky return in the third movie and who knows she actually might to avenge her friends maybe? Don’t Breathe 3 plot could also focus on the last showdown between Rocky and the blind man. The other theory is, the blind man taking care of another invasion in his home. Things are going to get pretty bloody in the upcoming sequel. 


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