Dom Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and more updates

Amazon’s DOM is a Brazilian crime thriller web series directed by Vicente Kubrusly along with Breno Silveira. The show debuted on June 4, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. 


Upon release, the series has garnered the attention of Amazon spectators and have since then left them wanting for another season. However, there has been no word from the creators about season 2.


Here’s what we know regarding DOM web series cast, release date, and more.


Will there be Season 2 of Dom?


As of now, nothing is known about whether or not the series will return with a second season given the success of the previous season, it appears that there is a high chance for the web series to make a comeback although no official confirmation has been made either from Amazon or the showrunners. It looks like fans need to wait for some time for an official announcement.


Hopefully, the show gets renewed soon as viewers are anxiously awaiting the next part. 


When is Dom Season 2 Premiering? 


Unfortunately, Amazon has yet to renew the series for a second installment. The first season of Dom was released on June 4, 2021, consisting of a total of eight episodes. As of now,  not a single word has been heard from the production crew members if they plan to produce a season 2 or not.


Because the series is not confirmed, there is no release date for season two of the popular crime series. Fans are excitedly waiting for the new season so hopefully, we get an announcement soon regarding the renewal status for the much anticipated next season.


On the off chance, the series gets renewed, it is expected that the new batch of episodes will be out somewhere in mid or late 2023.


Here’s the list of episodes for season one–


Episode 1: Kids Don’t Come with Instructions

Episode 2: Metamorphosis

Episode 3: Destiny with a Capital D

Episode 4: Whose Fault Is it?

Episode 5: Crashing

Episode 6: Partners?

Episode 7: Trapped

Episode 8: Taking a Break


The Cast of Dom Season 2: Who will return?


The cast members who appeared in the previous season are most likely to return in the upcoming series if season 2 is confirmed. 


  • Gabriel Leone in the role of Pedro Dom

  • Flavio Tolezani will return as Victor Dantas

  • Filipe Braganca will likely be back as Victor Dantas (younger version)

  • Raquel Villar will return as Jasmine 

  • Mariana Cerrone in the role of Laura 

  • Digao Ribeiro will play Armario 

  • Laila Garin will play Marisa 

  • Isabella Santoni will reprise her role as Viviane

  • Wilson Rabelo in the roe of Arcanjo 

  • Ramon Francisco in the role of Lico 

  • Roberto Birindelli in the role of Paulo 

  • Paulo de Melo in the role of Biriba 

  • Jupy Azevedo will play Chora Nenem 

  • Ingrid Conte will play the character Jessika 

  • Fabio Lago will play Ribeiro 

  • Hilton Castro will play the role of Nerinho


Dom Season 2 Plot: What can we expect? 


Set on two time frames, Dom’s web series centers on the story of a father and son in the opposite direction of Rio de Janeiro’s conflict on drugs. Victor, the father, is a military and intelligence agent who battles drug-related crime  while Pedro, his son, succumbs to the foe that Victor battled against for a long time.


After expiring in the first season’s eight episodes, fans were left wondering if Amazon Prime will bring back Dom for season 2. 


If season 2 returns, the story will most likely take off from where it was left off. We can also expect to find out the whereabouts of Pedro but the question that viewers want to know is, will Pedro ever return? Is he still alive?. There’s definitely a lot to explore in season 2 and hopefully, Amazon does just that.


Where to watch Dom Season 2?


Season 1 of Dom is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. If season 2 happens, the new episodes will premiere on the same streaming platform.

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