Dollface Season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

If you are a sucker of female friendships, Hulu’s Dollface must be your next watch. Dollface is a comedy television series that first launched in November 2019. It centers around Jules Wiley (Kate Dennings) who reconnects with female friendships of her life following a break-off with her five-year-long boyfriend. Wiley realizes that she has missed her girlfriends while being in a relationship. Dollface garnered the attention of viewers globally for its storyline and humor. Due to its popularity, the network ordered a second installment of the series in January 2020, which dropped on the streamer in February 2022. Since then, the fans are curious to know what lies ahead in store for them. Although there is no word about season three of Dollface, still we are overoptimistic about not seeing it happen. So, here’s everything we know so far about a potential Season three of Dollface:

Dollface Season 3 Release date: When is it releasing?

There is no defined airing date for the third season of Dollface so far. Considering season three has not been greenlit yet, anticipating an airing date for a season three is difficult. However, if the series sticks to its previous timeframes, it could return sometime in 2023 at the very best. 

Season two of Dollface began its production in July 2021 and wrapped it up till October of the same year. With that information in mind, production is the last thing that the fans should be worried about. But the dates will be official after the series sees the light of day. Until then, you can binge-watch its last seasons on Hulu. Each season includes a ten-episode count, and it is safe to assume that the third part will be of the same episode length. 

More on Dollface season three soon. 

Dollface Season 3 Plot: What will be its plot about?

Season two saw the female leads, Stella Cole, Izzy Levine, Jules Wiley, and Madison Maxwell dealing with their personal lives and their careers. While things between Jules and Fender are taking shape, Stella and Liv have called off their relationship. Additionally, Izzy and Liam have reconciled, it will be thrilling to see the ladies back in season three. The final episode saw the birthday celebration of our dear Madison, whose story is also developing in ways unexpected. There is a lot to explore for our characters in a potential season three of Dollhouse particularly Jules, who has left her job and has nowhere to go. Will she follow her instinct and continue her journey as a web developer at Woom? While we are curious to know the answers, season three is anything but predictable at this point. Thus, stay tuned to know more information about Dollface’s season three plot.

Dollface Season 3 Cast: Who will be in the cast?

Fans will be delighted to see our favorite characters reprising their roles. Kate Dennings taking the centerstage of the series. Dennings will return as Jules Wiley, with a vivid imagination joined by Brenda Song be Madison Maxwell,  Shay Mitchell play Stella Cole,, and Esther Povitsky as Izzy Levine. In addition to the main cast, many additional characters may also return including Beth Grant as Cat Lady, Malin Akerman as Celeste, Lilly Sigh as Liv, Luke Cook as Fender,, and Corinne Fox as Ruby. We could also anticipate a slew of new characters and guest roles in the next season, which is still under wraps. 

Interestingly, Dollface draws stories from the creator, Jordan Weiss’s personal life as she broke up with her college boyfriend and missed putting her time in her girlfriends. The script she wrote was a sample writing, which was liked by LuckyChap Entertainment.

Dollface Season 3 Trailer

We have no trailer for Season three of Dollface at this moment. But we shall update this blog as we hear more specifics about it. 

Keep watching this space for more about Season three of Dollhouse. 


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