Will there be a ‘Do Revenge 2’?

Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawkes’ best teen dark comedy Do Revenge was a super hot movie amongst the audience. The teen movie was loosely inspired by ‘Strangers on a Train’ where two strangers meet on board a train journey. One of them is a psychopath while the other is a tennis player. Upon talking, they find out they both want to kill someone so they start exchanging murders to avoid being identified or caught. 


Do Revenge revolves around the story of two high school girls Drea and Eleanor who are constantly bullied to such an extent that now they would do anything to bring down their bullies and win against them. Both of the characters have fantastic on-screen chemistry and their bond has I’ve loved drastically throughout the course of the movie. 


Teenage sensations Riverdale’s Camilla Mendes and Stranger Things’s Maya Hawkes are social pariahs and are constantly tormented by the so-called ‘popular’ kids at their high school. At some moment, they both decide that it’s enough and team up to torment their tormentors and give them a taste of their behavior. 


Apart from Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawkes, we also have 13 Reasons Why’s Alisha Boe, Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner, Euphoria’s Austin Abrams, and Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between’s Talia Ryder gracing the screen with their presence. 


Will there be a Do Revenge 2?


Looking at the storyline of the first part, there are no loose ends that need to be tied with the help of a sequel. The movie did not leave the fans wondering about things or unanswered questions. Rather, it wrapped up pretty amazingly. So a sequel would necessarily not be required. 


However, the writers can always come up with different storylines, plots, and new characters for a sequel. There has been no official announcement regarding a second part of Do Revenge. So there is no confirmation as to whether the movie will have a second installment altogether. 

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