Do Revenge 2: Release date and Storyline Updates?

Do Revenge, a teen dark comedy movie starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke opened to rave reviews from fans and critics alike in September 2022. Inspired by Strangers on TRain, in which two strangers meet on a train journey, one of being is a psychopath, and exchanges murders to avoid getting identified as the suspects. However, things become far more complicated. Although Do Revenge follows the flick loosely, Revenge centers around Drea and Eleanor, the high school girls who will go to any length to bring down their bullies. The chemistry the two share onscreen is phenomenal. Some viewers see them as allies while others consider them as rivals or perhaps they are just flirting. Surprisingly, Eleanor has not fit Drea’s ideal definition of a friend, yet the two bond over so beautifully throughout the movie. Since the movie hit our screens, fans have been already wondering if there will be more Rosehill teen drama and vengeance or if is it done. Considering that the movie just arrived on the streamer, it is early to anticipate what its future holds. With that said, here’s everything we know so far about Do Revenge 2, its premiere date, cast, and plotline.

Do Revenge 2 Release date

Do Revenge was in the works since October 2020, but the casting was not been announced until November 2020. That was when Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke joined the cast. The filming kickstarted after everyone was brought on board and was wrapped up in August 2021. However, the movie was not ready for launch until September 2022. 

Looking at this timeline, the sequel could be out possibly by late 2023. Hopefully, the second part will not take this long to drop as Covid is now a thing of the past. So, fans could expect it sooner rather than later depending upon how quickly Netflix gives it an official go-ahead. 

Do Revenge 2 plotline

Do Revenge’s mid-credit screens set up for a sequel with Drea apologizing to Russ for befriending him, Eleanor and Gabbi getting back together, and Max (who has been exposed for his wrongdoings) becoming a part of a toxic masculinity support group? If a sequel movie ever happens, it could be focused on the bullies, Max and Carissa, hatching new plots against Drea and Eleanor. Or perhaps, we could find the teen girls in a new setting, navigating their way through adulthood. The story can go in multiple directions.  At this moment. Let’s just say it will be funny and dramatic as its debut part. 

Do Revenge has everything that makes the best teen drama movie- it has rich (read hilarious) costumes, a stellar cast, unexpected twists and turns, and an amazing soundtrack. The creators will have to work hard to give us a sequel that matches up to its original in terms of storyline and casting. 

Do Revenge 2 Cast

It is not clear yet who will join us for another outing. But we assume that Riverdale fame Camilla Mendes and Stranger Things fame Maya Hawke are likely to take the centre stage in the sequel as well. The two have impressed the audience in their roles as Dereka and Eleanor. Aside from them, fans might be lucky to see Austin Abrams as Max, Alisha Boe as Tara, Ava Capri as Carrisa, Talia Ryder as Gabbi, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as the headmaster.  Sarah Michelle Gellar has appeared on the show as a guest cast. Depending upon the direction the story will go in, new characters and cast might pop up. Though it is just purely speculative. We will have to wait for a little before Netflix makes the official statement about the film. 

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has helmed the project and also, co-written it alongside Celeste Ballard. Robinson has been associated with numerous projects previously. 

Do Revenge 2 Trailer 

Sadly, there is no trailer for Do Revenge Season two since the film is still in its initial stages of pre-production. But we will update this space as soon as the trailer is off the table. 

So, better watch this space for more from the world of entertainment. 


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