District 10- Everything You must Know

Labeled as one of the brilliant pieces of the sci-fi genre in the 2000s, District 9 was released theatrically on 14th August 2019. The film grabbed positive reviews from fans globally. It also became a critically acclaimed science fiction movie, with a host of accolades and recognitions. Interestingly,  the director, Neill Blomkamp shared a series of personal experiences that were part of his growing up years in South Africa in District 9. Since the smash hit of District 9 among the audiences, the director is in search of the “ right reason” to bring back its follow-up to the audience. Although fans are disappointed that the sequel to this brilliant work is not out yet, still they are optimistic that Neill would have something fresh and riveting in store for them. 

And a recent tweet by Neill has proved the fans right. Yes, you read that right.

Finally, the second installment of District 9 is underway after more than a decade of waiting. The director has taken to Twitter to announce the news to his fans. He said that he is co-writing the script of District 10 with Sharlto, the protagonist of District 9, and Territa Schell, who also wrote the screenplay of the first part. And at the end, he wrote, “it is coming. “ So, the wait is almost over. If you are as excited as us for District 10, then you dare not miss out on the below details:

When is District 10 getting aired?

To the dismay of fans, the creators have not officially confirmed the airing date of District 9. The director, Neill has decided to not give away all the details at the moment when the film has not even gone into pre-production. Nevertheless, given that District 10 is still underway, the film is expected to take a couple of years more. After District 9, Neill was involved in three more big-budget productions- Elysium, Chappie, and Demonic. 

However, recent reports indicated that District 10 appears to be still in the early stages of production and as of now the much-awaited movie is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2023.

However, District 9 could not be called exactly a big-budget film, but it grossed a box office collection of $210.8 worldwide.

Who is in the Cast of District 10?

It is too early to tell about the cast of District 10 since the film is still a long way from its production. Yet it is a safe bet to say that Sharlto Copley would take on the role of Wikus van de Merwe, who accidentally transformed into a Prawn ( the insect-looking alien species) by the end of District 9. Wikus was seen holding a metal flower in the finale episode of District 10, which he later left for his beloved spouse. His role in the film is one of the many things that the fans look forward to. 

Moreover, we have no information regarding the new additions to the cast. Seems that the creators have left this part for later as they are presently focussing on building a  storyline after Christopher, The Prawn has left for his home from the Earth, leaving his fellow alien community members behind in impoverished condition. 

Hopefully, the cast details shall be disclosed soon. 

What is the Plot of District 10?

The plot of district 10 is not known yet. Even so, it is anticipated that similar to its first part, the science fiction action film would have elements of dry humor and political metaphors mixed with themes and stories from the real world. 

When asked about a follow-up to District 9 in a 2009 interview, Neill said that he has several ideas for the sequel. So, it would be exciting to know how the story unfolds in District 10, and whether Christopher would come to rescue other aliens from the brutalities of government experiments or the creators will give the second installment a unique entity of its own. At present, we could only say that the story could go in multiple directions, yet we are not sure what the real story would be like.

Trailer of District10

For a film that is still a work-in-progress, a trailer is a long way off. Once the movie picks off from its pre-production stage, fans could potentially have a sneak peek into the sequel of District 10. 

You can catch up with District 9 on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. The 112 minute-film is a must-watch for every sci-fi fan. 

You can bookmark this page as we will update this blog as soon as have concrete details about District 10. Till then, keep watching this space for more from the entertainment world. 

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